Speedy: *zooming across a snow-covered mushroom hill* man everywhere is SNOWING today, mushroom hill, marble garden, EVEN SANDOPOLIS! but I gotta find Lara because she has a message for-

Lara-Su: *hugs speedy tightly* SPEEDY ;D

Speedy: me! :)

Lara: sorry about that ^^;

Speedy: it's okay... whats the message

Lara: yeah my message to you, dad won;t rip your kidneys out, which is a relief....the part is at castle acorn...and thats basically kind of it.... see ya there ^^

Speedy: bye *runs off*

(meanwhile with sonic and twister at castle acorn*

Sonic: yo twister whats up?

Twister: nothing just sitting here

Sonic: ready for the christmas party?

Twister: yeah!

Sonic: yeah sally is hanging mistletoes EVERYWHERE because of speedy and lara

Twister: yeah :) it;ll be funny to see how many people people have to hide fro in a mistletoe room *laughing*

Sonic: least the bathroom has no mistletoe...speedy will be lucky then

Twister: ain't it the truth :)