Speedy: after some breaktime I finally return! just in time for christmas! :D

Sonic: luckily Lara knew the allergies were fake

Speedy: since we gave up on that.... I don't want ANY mistletoes above me this year if knuckles wants to rip my kidneys out, or silver wishes to make me puke over the ground with his psychokinetic powers....

Sonic: luckily I told silver, he is going to tell knuckles

Speedy: oh thank goodness

Sonic: by the way prepare to be clobbered by someine in 3...2...1... *places mistletoe above speedy*

Speedy: Sonic there is no girl FOR MILES here how can they possibly clobber me?

Sonic: well one has a way

Suzie-Lu: HI SPEEDY!

Speedy: 0_0' SONIC YOU IDIOT!

Soniuc: I'm kidding *places the mistletoe away* besides she has a message for ya

Suzie-Lu: Merry Christmas :D

Speedy: thanks *hugs suzie*

Suzie-Lu: by the way Lara wants you at her house by noon tomorrow....

Speedy: yeah lets hope silver gives the message not o rip my kidneys out if well.....sonic remembers last year

Sonic: yeah

Suzie-Lu: oh, see ya *hops down*

Speedy: more like a message than a clobber....

Sonic: wow...the message mistletoe WORKS :D

Speedy: oh get out of here, I'm heading toLara's *zooms off*

Sonic: OKAY! *zooms off the other way*