Speedy:Hi I'm speedy

Speedy 2:and I'm ALSO speedy

Speedy:wait there CAN'T be two of me

Speedy 2:Says you..or is it...says me

Speedy:I dunno too confusing

Speedy 2:oh you would like me to think that wouldn't me

Speedy:if your really me then what am I gonna do next

Speedy 2:your going to tell yourself what your going to do next

Speedy:but you just did that

Speedy 2:yeah my point exact

Speedy:my head hurts lets ask that guy for help

Speedy:wait who are you?

evil speedy: 'm evil speedy

Speedy 2:wait so there is an evil me now then who's the good me?

Speedy:I am

Speedy 2 :you how can me be the good you?

Speedy:AHHH THIS IS TOO CONFUSING! *runs offscreen*

Speedy 2:heheheh I knew I'd give in

Evil Speedy:good work

Speedy 2:thank you

Evil Speedy:would you care for a cup of coffee?

Speedy 2: *smashing him offscreen* NO SHUT UP I HATE YOU!