(A note: Shelly has generously given me permission to use her character for this story as Twister wishes to demonstrate his flashback machine so do NOT go nuts if you see Shelly the Hedgehog)

Ep.1: Midnight Snacking

Twister: thank goodness you can come shelly

Shelly: glad to be here buddy :)

Twister: why I brought you here is because I wanna show my flashback-machine to see if it works....

Shelly: so who gets in the machine me or you?

Twister: me of course, I brought you here to watch and document

Shelly: Oh, thank goodness this ain't a shadow kind of thing.....

Twister: just start documenting Richtofen.... *gets in the machine

Shelly: *starts up the machine* I AM NOT A MONKEY!

Twister: yeah yeah start documenting.....

(flashback starts up on the screen)

Twister: *asleep in knothole and his stomach is growling* so...hungry....need...snack *gets out of bed and checks through one of his shelves*

(minutes of searching through his shelves)

Twister: I'm happy to have this active camo rotor made to muffle sound of the user..... *turns invisible and goes out of the room without being noticed* also this is gonna be a test run so I got this camera *holding a mini camera*

(twister is silently tip-toeing through the village halls to the kitchen for his snack and the fridge majority is....chili dogs!?!)

Twister: sonic -_-' *moves chili dogs aside and sees some other foods the enjoys* JACKPOT! :D *takes the food and silently cooks it up and gets the snack eaten...and he gets tired in the process and falls asleep* <smll> tired....must...sleep </small> *falls asleep*

Sonic: *silently in the kitchen* huh???? hmm, must be tired from playing *proceeds to the fridge and eats the chili dogs he moved aside*

(the next morning)


Bunnie: anything wrong sallygirl?

Sally: yes, someone ate the food!

Twister: *asleep on the floor*

Sally: whats twister doing in here?

Bunnie: rotor did say he had to test that active camo-whatever right?

Sally: oh, I knew it wasn't him anyways, because the camo device being here he tested it and had a small snack.... *checks inside the fridge sonic has left open* and I know who raided the fridge....*picks up twister who is asleep* I'll set him back in bed *takes him to his room and sets him down*

Bunnie: any guess who did this sallygirl?

Sally: yeah *closes twister's door* SONIC!!!!!!!!!!!

Sonic: *in his room* oh man...thats the end of me....

(flashback has ended with shelly laughing and twister excited the machine has worked)

Twister: did ya like the flashback

Shelly: *too busy laughing*

Twister: heheh I'm happy sonic got yelled at for the incident XD *starts laughing*

Episode 2: Impressing the Princess part1

Twister: *in bed asleep*

(his alarm starts buzzing)

Twister: *slams the snooze button* mom juz gimme two more minutes

(outside the room sonic is practicing his juggling)

Antoine: sonic whatevair you are doing this bettair be weeth a good explanation....

Sonic: practicing for the princess's contest, whoever wins with the best talent gets something special from her....

Antoine: I bet I'll beat you at this

Sonic: oh yeah? what talent do YOU that vain refrain I rated PB*

(*Pretty Boring)

Antoine: NO!

Sonic: can;t enter the contest without a talent.... least you can film it on video then send it to sally.....and it will be on the screen and she calls u whoever god second place and first place

Antoine: well I'm gonna win this sonic just you wait....

Twister: *comes out of his room* whats up?

Sonic: nothing, typically arguing over who'd win this contest sally made...

Twister: any catch?

Sonic: no catch, whoever hasd the best talent wins a special gift from her

Antoine: and me and sonic can use this to settle our differences once and for all

Twister: make that a 3 way competition.....

Sonic: WHAT!?! Thats crazy! my juggling can beat whatever your gonna pull off for this contest

Twister: maybe so, so anyways I gotta tell you guys 1 thing, whoever wins this has to make the losers servants for the day to the winner....I can IMAGINE what can happen if I win the bet.....

Sonic: basically I'd just make antoine my servant for the day if I win....

Antoine: I'd just do the same for sonic.....well....besides all your useful for is cleaning....

Twister: unlike the time sonic got in trouble for the midnight snack raid in the kitchen?

Sonic: I KEEP TELLING HER IT WASN'T...oh wait, yeah it was me all food was gone were only chilli dogs......

Twister: well........ I'm going off to film my talent, see ya *zooms off*

Sonic: ya know if he wins we're both dead right?

Antoine: yeah, lets work together to sabatoge his plan....


Both: dang it

Sally: you know there is NO sabatoge of the contestant's talent video, or else the people responsible will be disqualified and put on quarentine.....

Sonic: so basically, if we sabatoge twister we're grounded

Sally: basically yes....but you know the drill do your talent film it don't sabatoge others.....

Both: yes ma'am! *salute*

Sonic: *to antoine* lets hope we can do this without being seen.....

Antoine: right

Ep. 3 Impressing the Princes part 2

(at knothole the talent show sally has organiuzed is currently going on and antoine's video f his talent is being shown)

Antoine: did you know I'm riding this ostrich bacjkwards? *screen backs up to see he is riding an ostrich backwards* MUSH! *whips the ostrich,everyone claps and laughs at the funnyness in the video*

Sally: heheh well thats oyur second contestant, sadly this is our last since well....there was 3 people who entered actually.....

Sonic: *looks at antoine* dude that was funny when ya smacked the ostrich.....

Antoine: that was basically the punchline....I wonder what Twster ees doing for his talent

Sonic: I dunno, said something involving music.....

Sally: and now for our last contestant Twister who filmed his talent as well.....and did a VERY good job making it.....

sonic and Antoine: 0_0'

(the video plays showing twister singing "walkin along in forge world" while walking through knothole, everyone is cheering and clapping for the video while sonic and antoine are dumbstruckj)

Sonic yeah it's official, our sabatoge plans didn;t work, and he'll get sally's devoted affection while we run errands for him...wanna prepare for tomorrow

Antoine: after we get ze results....

(later on)

Sally: okay since you all voted we got them tallied up and somehow surprisingly twister got the most votes so he wins my devoted affection tomorrow :D

Everyone: *claps and cheers for twister who shyly comes up to hug sally*

Twister: thanks, I really didn;t expect this, all I did was make a music video and I can't belive ALL OF YOU loved it ^^; thank you *comes off stage*

Antoine: yeah now we leave *goes off with sonic*

(next day)

Antoine: *with sonic ast the grocery store* not the kind of slavery we had in mind

Sonic: least it's better than trying to find a game he wants...

Antoine: yeah.....lets just get the groceries over with

(back with twister currently asleep with sally on his bedside)

Twister: *asleep*

Sally: *smiling at his bedside*

Episode 4: first solo mission

Twister: *brushing his teeth since hehad breakfast beforehand and the time is 5:59 am*

Sonic: *outside the bathroom waiting for twister* I can't believe twister beat me awake this morning.....well I hope he knows why he got up so bright and early.....

Twister: *comes out* first solo mission here I come :D

Sonic: 0_0' what????

Sally: *coming in* I thought twister was ready for his first solo mission

Sonic: he'd get hurt bad...

Sally: relax sonic, or else you wanna be his slave again XD

Sonic: ya know being his slave ain;t all that bad, all I basically do is do errands.....

Sally: yeah we know, it's our best hope he might be a secret weapon of sorts....

Sonic: him, a weapon? my golly that is funny sal *starts laughing*

Sally: *not impressed giving a mean stare at sonic*

Sonic: meh forget the joke I'm sure he'd be fine....just NEVER tell Antoine or else he'll go oldspice man on you to make him go with twister

Sally: okay...but still smacking an ostrich was funny.....

(meanwhile Twister is now alone in robotropolis)

Twister: *invisible due to his camoflauge* heheh I'm still happy they can;t hear or touch what they can;t see :3

(swatbots pass by on patrol)

Twister: *spindashes into the swatbats without being seen* heheh goodnight swatbutts..... *goes off to his mission*

(meanwhile with robotnik and snivley)

Snivley: Dr. Robotnik somehow swatbots have been dismantled by an unknown source...

Robotnik: Was it..the hedgehog???

Snivley: could be sir....but my scanners show he doesn;t have the speed like that hedgehog....

Robotnik: try to track this mysterious person and identify him NOW!

Snivley: yes sir *starts researching the screen*

(with twister now in the control room)

Twister: *communicating to sonic* okay sonic I'm in the control room, what next?

Sonic: just turn on the emp explosive and get out back to knothole as quick as you can

Twister: got it *turns off wrist communicator and sets the emp bomb and drops it to see swatbots surrounding him* heheh.....uhhhhhhhhhh......goodbye *zooms through a swatbot's legs and quickly attracts all of them in the given hallway as he attempts his escape*

Snivley: IT'S THE FOX SIR!

Robotnik: Tails? on a solo mission???

Snivley: is his brother

Robotnik: I see, I also noticed every swatbot in robotropolis is after him, looks like they know the idea

(twister is still running from the swatbots on screen but the EMP bomb sets off and all the videos have gone off)

Robotnik: SNIVLEY!!!!!!


Twister: *outside robotropolis* heheh take THAT robuttnik *spindashes into the swatbots and zooms off to knothole*

(back at knothole sonic is pacing left and right)

Sonic: sal I'm worried about twister

Sally: I'm sure he'll be back...

Sonic: I'm not, he could of been roboticized....

Sally: if he were roboticized he'd be shooting at us once he returns home.....

Sonic: and if he weren't

Sally: then everyone would cheer for him which it looks like they are :)

Sonic: well I'm gonna see for sure *gets out to see twister being cheered by everyone* well what do you know he is alive!

Antoine: Zis is brilliant!

Sonic: and surprising, I can;t belive the mission was a success, and he didn;t get bruises at all

Twister: *to sonic* but I am sure robuttnik will take a long time getting the emp bomb out of the control room which has EVERYTHING unable to be accessed so that way no one can be roboticized!

Mobians: *cheer louder*

Sonic: whats the count of swatbots dismantled

Twister: *checks his wrist calculator* 55!

Sonic: alright! *hi-fives twister*

Ep. 5: Hassle in the Castle (SEASON 1 FINALE!)

Twister: *asleep in his room and it's 7:30 am*

Sonic: *shakes twister awake* wake up buddy, we got an announcement from the princess

Twister: *gets up kinda tired but excited* whats it for?

Sonic: something important I guess.....

(after the announcement)

Twister: ok how in the world am I supposed to house-sit for the princess....or in my case "castle-sit"

Sonic: nic pun, but basically, it's like being alone at knothole when we're on missions.

Twister: basically all I do is act like I'm alone back home, but don't do anything stupid?

Sonic: like rip things up for track mud, yeah simple as that

Twister: sounds easy for me.....well I'm off to bing alone in a big castle....bye *zooms off*

Sonic: ya know sally might have made the right choice of giving the guy a job to house-sit, besides, swatbots got an invasion coming, and he could get them out the courtyard....

Sally: agreed, but ya know he won't get his allowance till 2 days later

Sonic: we'll tell him that after tonight

Sally: right *she and sonic do their secret handshake*

(hours later Twister is looking out a window in castle acorn* okay Twister, your alone in the castle, no swatbots have come....and I'm gonna try and not mess things up maybe I can dust sally's tiara for her. *starts dusting mostly all the valuble stuff* heheh dussting is easy for me....maybe I should do that more often....*checks back out the window and sees a lone swatbot he quickly some emp charge at t causing it to explode but no damage across the courtyard* phew..... *sees more swatbots* uh-oh....... *hops out the window and tons of metal are flying in the air since he is currently beating up the many swatbots*

(hours later after he cleans the courtyard)

Sally: wow, Twister did things like they nevr happened! I'm proud of him

Sonic: and what do ya know he dusted everything :)

Sally: should we tell him about not getting allowance till later?

Sonic: nah I think he won't mind

ep. 6 Digging for treasure (season 2 premiere)

Twister: *holding abackpack of digging tools*

Sonic: twister where ya going?

Twister: digging....

Sonic: for what?

Twister: treasure :D

Sonic: why treasure?

Twister: I dunno, ask sally..... *zooms off to find a place to dig*

Sally: sonic, please tell me you forgot to tell twister getting his allowance later?

Sonic: sorry ^^;

Sally: well I hope he finds somethings for the village....also for me :) he is such a sweetie...

Sonic: he tries the best to help others than himself...despite fact he rarely is hurt, he always gets chased often....

(meanwhile with Twister at angel island)

Twister: *holding his digging tools* time to start digging *starts digging for treasure without knuckles realizing it*

Knuckles: *guarding the master emerald* hmmm I wonder whats happening lately with sal *walks off to see twister digging* twister what the heck are you doing?

Twister: digging, why ask?

Knuckles: just wondering....

Twister: oh.... *keeps digging* look can ya help me patch the hole I'm digging after I get treasure, I need the help....

Knuckles: why dig for treasure?

Twister: ask sonic, and then if he says ask sally then ask her....

Knuckles: oh....ooookaaaaaaaaaay

Twister: *throws up a treasure chest* nevermind found treasure!

Knuckles: *dumbstruck* whoa...........

Twister: *patches hole without knuckles helping* well that was a worthless guess......hey knuckles you can keep the treasure, I was actually sent on a mission by bunnie to dig it up for you, but actually she wanted me to get some so.......*takes some of the stuff* thank you...... *zooms off*

Knuckles: *still dumbstruck* your welcooooome........ *drags the chest and shovel back to the master emerald*

Ep. 7: Boredom

(Twister is currently alone being followed by a flicky bird trying to think of something to do)

Twister: I wish I had something to do, with the others against robotnik and I got no chores to do, I think my day was kinda meaningless..... *the flickybird perches on his shoulder* ya sure I can do something while I wait for them?

(the flicky chirpped in delight)

Twister: thanks...... *lets the flicky go off* now to find something to do despite no one to play with *walks off to the lake of the rings* maybe I can safeguard the lake....

(many hours of guarding later)

Twister: *still guarding half-asleep* must...guard....lake *falls asleep completely

Sonic: *waiting for a ring as it them comes from the lake* about time a ring showed up *grabs the ring and puts twister over his shoulder* thanks for guarding it buddy *pats his back and zooms off*

Twister: *asleep*

Ep. 8: Story Time

(it's currently night at knothole Twister is waiting for sally to read him a bedtime story to help him sleep)

Twister: *unable to sleep* can'tsleep can'tsleep can'tsleep

Sally: twister? it's story time :)

Twister: thanks, I kept saying I couldn't sleep for 5 minutes straight....

Sally: I got this story from my head, once upon a time there was a hedgehog named sonic and he needed help from his sidekick...

Twister: whats the sidekick's name?

Sally: Twister :)

Twister: so it's a story about me and sonic?

Sally: yeah....and they were sent off on a mission to stop a lumberjack robot's plans of cutting down trees

Twister: *smiles a bit*

Sally: and before they go sonuic went to the lake of rings to get one of his magic rings to stop the robot but hasn;t realized he used it 5 hours ago so he couldn't do the mission alone, Twister then volunteered to help sonic, and they wen;t along to the great forest to destroy the robot :)

Twister: *feels a bit sleepy*

(hours of storytime later Twister is fully asleep)

Sally: and then the princess kissed twister and his elgend lived on happily ever after...the end *kisses Twister's cheek goodnight and exits the room*

ep. 9: tiresome work (more a short than episode)

(Twister is shown working on something)

Sonic: twister sally said not to make a teleporter XD

Twister: not a teleporter sonic, something more better :D *pulls off the tarp of a board with the blueprints* Im working on a submarine :D

Sonic: nice.....any names?

Twster: this ain't my submarine, it's yours :D


Twister: submarine for you to BREATHE....


Twister: it's almost done come back in a few minutes

(minutes later sonic has returned with the submarine finished)

Sonic: *gets in the sub* and I am ready :D

Twister: okay bon voyage!

(sonics makes the sub dive but it dives not too low on accident)

Twister: sorry forgot to add water

Ep. 10 A fake court martial

(Note: this is only a fake court martial, unless something happened like slight treason if twister was roboticized or anything gladly he wasn;t this is just to show what CAN happen if it was true)

Twister: *currently in handcuffs standing in the court with sarge guarding him while the prosocution (Tex) is rambling onward)* you know I'm innocent sarge

Sarge: I know, Tex is also your lawyer for some odd reason....

Twister: heheh ^^; thanks sarge

Sarge: your we gotta quiet don tex is about to call her first witness

(many minutes later)

Sally: tex has made her point, twister, any objection?

Twister: of course... I was somehow immune to the brain burn-thru but robotnik has SOME control voer me when I was a robot, truth be told I accidentally tried to defeat you guys, but I tried my best to hold em off from knothole. yet I couldnt keep ALL of my control

Sarge: a hilarious failure indeed

Twister: quiet from the jury

Sarge: *sits back down*

Twister: other than That I can see how much harm I could have caused, so may I atleast try to do something to repay for the trouble I caused?


all in the jury; *stare at sarge*

Sarge: o_o'

Sally: kangaroo court judges have we recieved a verdict?

judges: *flip a sign saying innocent*

Twister: o_o

Sally: it was a fake court martial silly ^^

Twister; oh....thanks ^^


Church: *K.O.s sarge*

Twister: thanks....

Sally: lets just get ready for a more IMPORTANT court martial *hugs twister*