Twister: *running through mushroom hill* I'm scared.............*screechs to a halt since he was nearly about tio hit a wall* phew. that was a close one........ I nearly could of gotten caught by-

Fiona: *grabs and hugs Twister tightly*

Twister: *blushes* hey fiona

Fiona: hey :) how are ya buddy?

Twister: not bad, you?

Fiona: I'm fine :3 *kisses his cheek*

Twister: *bluhes deeper*

Fiona: *giggles*

Twister: thanks

Fiona: welcome :) *takes his hand and takes him with her*

Twister: where are we going?

Fiona: you'll see :) you'll see

Twister: *thoughts* I got a bad feeling about this*

Snic: *hiding in a tree filming* heheh >:) poor twister is gonna be smothered with love by fiona....