Twister: so uhhh Fiona, where we going?

Fiona: oh don't worry buddy you'll know

Twister: heheh I don't know

Fiona: oh don't worry *kisses his cheek* you'll know soon enough

Twister: what I'd hade to happen would be sonic FILMING this -_-'

Fiona:wha?????? hold n *walks behind a bush* sonic.....

Sonic: 00' uhhh heheh hi fiona, just BIRD WATCHING thats it :)

Fiona: no your not you liar *punches sonic in the case and stops the camera recording, then goes back to Twister* that better?

Twister: Yeah, thanks Fiona *kisses her cheek*

Fiona: your welcome sweetie......

Twister: Least your still friends with tails

Fiona: yeah.....since I apologized and all

Twister: I hope no one else is filming this

Fiona: I hope they aren't either.......*cuddles Twister while their walking*

Twister: *blushes a bit*

Knuckles: *in another tree* okay this is BETTER than filming speedy being kissed by my daughter

Speedy: *in the same tree as knuckles watching him film it* really? good...........