Twister: :) I'm happy to be alone with you...and thanks for punching sonic for filming us

Fiona: welcome *gives him a kiss*

Twister: *blushes* well I just hope we can get where we need to be by.....oh wait we are here ^^;

Fiona: yeah, it's a good time for a walk on the beachisn't it? *holds his hand*

Twister: yeah*

Knuckles: *quietly folloowing them* heheh over 9000 hits all together here we- *sees she has turned around* come?????????

Fiona: yeah not even clsoe *punches knuckles in the face and stops the recording*

Twister: thanks *cuddles fiona while their walking*

Fiona: welcome

Speedy: *still with knuckles* heheh poor you I'll TOTALLY win the bet by far now >:)

Knuckles: yeah you think on that....we got silver on the case of the filming.........if we win, you won't get to date *gets stopped as speedy steps on his stomach* OW

Speedy: thats for saying I'd lose the bet loser....... *goes to find silver*

Twister: ok jee who ELSE is gonna film us we punched sonic and knuckles, I bet silver or shadow is gonan do this next

Fiona: yeah, I doubt he'd get a chance anyways ;) *kisses his cheek*

Twister: heheh yeah