Twister: *still on the beach with fiona* awww that sunset is beautiful

Fiona: our day has to end...I wish it could last forever...

Twister: I wish for that too and- *hears bushes rustling* hold on *comes to the bush to see silver*

Silver: heheh....yeah I'm getting punched in the-OOF! *punched in the face by Twister and stops recording then goes back* as I was saying I really wanna spend more time with you Fiona *kisses her cheek*

Fiona: awwwww thank you ^^ we should get home.....I'll see you another time....... ^^ *kisses his cheek*

Twister: tomorrow sound good?

Fiona: yeah.... *they go their seperate ways to their home*

Silver: *wakes up after they go* 2 means more filming and speedy losing the* AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Speedy: I was with ya the whole time nut how stupid are ya