Speedy: heheh I'm so gonna win the bet...........

Twister: *again with fiona since it's morning and he'sbeing cuddled* heheh this was a good day so far Fiona

Fiona: yeah *kisses Twister's cheek* heheh

Twister: lets hope no one is filming us......

Fiona: yeah, I hope not

Shaodw: *silently* heheh bet- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *grabbed in the neck by speedy and stops his filming, and speedy turns on a camera and pulls out a radio*

Speedy: and now you will watch me beat up shadow to unfitting music *turns on the music and starts beating up shadow, song being surfin bird*

Twister: heheh speedy must of seen someone filming and started beating him up for us heheh

Fiona: he's from the future right?

Twister: yeah....

Fiona: nice