While his time on the Space Colony ARK, Dr Eggman discovered a lock of his cousin’s hair, this cousin being Maria Robotnic. So he kept it hidden from Shadow until they left the ARK. When he went back to his lair on Mobius, he started a hidden project called “Project M.A.R.I.A.” where he would attempt to revive his dead cousin. However, he could not bring her back into her human state. He looked through his grandfather’s diary, under the chapter “Project Shadow”, and discovered that he needed a blood sample to create a life form. So he took a small blood sample from Shadow, while he was unconscious. With the persistence of an evil genius and a little elbow grease, he revived his dear cousin. But, there was a slight problem, she was a hedgehog and she couldn’t remember most her past. Maria is now kept In a secret area in Eggman’s Lair, awaiting to see the rest of the world yet again.