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    A flash came through the trees, it must of been a cheetah (Probably faster) Trust me I was definitely not a tortoise. It looked like a blue hedgehog, but it could not be! "I is a Greyhound," a vet suggested. But I was much faster then a Greyhound."I has to be a blue hedgehog" the professor added "I still think it's a Greyhound" The vet said again. "I'll take a photo of it and see who's right!" The Police man told them. Later that night the Police man took out he's camera to get a shot of the animal, before he ran away! When the creature finally came it stopped. "Just the Time" The Police man said under he's voice. And then CLICK! He had took a photo of the animal. "The professor was right he is a......OW!" The Hedgehog had jumped on him an…

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