A major announcement to all Wikia members! Wether you can draw or not, I welcome you to my first contest!!!

You're probably wondering what it's about, right? Let me fill you in with the details:

Contest Information:

  • Time: December 12, 2009- January 3, 2010
  • Objective: Draw ONE picture of my character(s). It is fine if you add in more than one.
UPDATE: You are also allowed to draw Skye, the manga me (now my character). Though I doubt any of you's going to draw her XD
  • Side notes: Looking for great quality and excellent, unique poses!


  • You can't use a base from DA! Nor can you recolor! Remember that!
  • You may use any programs: Photoshop, GIMP, Illustrator, SAI, even hand-drawn pictures are acceptable!
  • Perhaps, most importantly: HAVE FUN!!! I won't accept the contest entry if you don't have fun drawing it! (ignore the last part)
  • You HAVE to draw one of my characters! It is acceptable if you add in one of your own character in too!


  • First place: 3 completely inked and colored pictures in soft-cel shade style, 2 inked pictures, and 1 sketch
  • Second place: 2 completely inked and colored pictures in Sonic X style, 1 inked picture, and 1 sketch
  • Third place: 1 completely inked and colored picture in flat color, and 1 sketch
  • Fourth place and beyond: 1 sketch

Remember, everyone is free to join!


1. Sunny the Hedgehog (entry received 12/20/09) 2. Kagimizu (entry received 12/28/09) 3. Genesjs 4. Sharnathehedgehog 5. Famotill 6. Shelly the Hedgehog 7. Nerothehedgehog 8. BlazeRocks55 (Dropped out 12/27/09) 9. Gamergirl (Entry received 12/26/09) 10. Zelzzazz the Fox (entry received 1/01/10)

Final Contestants (January 3rd, 2010):

1.: Sunny the Hedgehog (entry received 12/20/09) 2.: Kagimizu (entry received 12/28/09 3.: Genesjs (entry received 12/27/09) 4.: Shelly the Hedgehog (12/30/09) 5.: Gamergirl (entry received 12/26/09) 6.: Nerothehedgehog (entry received 1/01/10) 7.: Chembur (entry received 1/02/10) 8.: Zelzzazz the Fox (entry received 1/01/10)


1: Sunny the Hedgehog

Pros: First of all, I got to say I absolutely adore the whole scenery. It is simple and beautiful. The amount of efforts she put into this piece was visible by how detailed the sky and the sand are. Then entire background is just stunning, and matches the scene very smoothly. I especially love the sun and the rays, and also those octagon-ish rays the sun gives off, which I cannot seem to remember the name of. Sunny understands my character very well, and had her charting a map, which is her number one profession and interest. Looks like someone did their studies well!

Cons: I don't have a lot of bad things to say about this picture, considering how stunning it is. Her legs and bangs looks a little bit awkward. I can see a tiny white spot in the ocean where the waves should be. Her ears also appears to be a bit too small, but overall, this picture is beautiful!

2: Kagimizu

Pros: I really love how he captured Enigma's personality so smoothly, and is even more impressed since I haven't made a page for her yet. Even though the wind wasn't visible, her hair and clothes made perfect indication of what she is doing, giving viewers chances to imagine where she could be. I'm in love with the way he did her hair.

Cons: Not much to say. The color scheme looks a little bit off, like the antennas and the shoes. Also, her shirt looks a little bit like a hoodie.

3: Genesjs

Pros: Now the explosive effect is marvelous! The stars speckled around it made it looks as if the whole scene is in space! I also love how you did the hands, especially the right one. And you even went as far to adding a Chaos Emerald!

Cons: The eyes are quite emotionless. Her head is going a little bit off where the neck should be, and her right arm looks much longer than her left arm. The bangs looks a little too squiggly. Also, you forgot her eyelashes.

4: Shelly the Hedgehog

Pros: Now THIS is something interesting! This is the first time I've seen someone converting Tawny into a human, and it looks pretty good! She did a pretty neat job with the hair (which reminds me of Winry from Fullmetal Alchemist), and I believe she took time getting the right human proportions, and it looks quite accurate.

Cons: The face looks a little bit distorted, and I can't quite locate her nose. Tawny's eye color is a lighter blue than it is in the picture. Also, only Tawny's right ear is bent, not her left.

5: Gamergirl

Pros: I really adore the way she drew her hands. I'd give anything to draw hands like her. She paid a lot of attention to how Silk looks, and has gotten almost every single details right.

Cons: The body looks too smooth, and her shoes looks sort of like boots.

6: Nerothehedgehog

Pros: You made her look like a cute alien!! It's adorable in a way

Cons: You need to move her right arm up so it connects with her shoulder. Her left leg should also be in the right place. She has 2 eyelashes, not three, and her bangs are much higher. Her eyes also looks pretty emotionless.

7: Chembur

Pros: I have a bunch of ideas on what is happening in the picture right now!! Looks like another person's done their researches well. I've never seen anybody draw Tawny getting ticked off at Torrent, and it's a real joy to finally see one! I just love their expressions!

Cons: Torrent's arms needs to move above a bit to connect with the shoulders, and his left leg looks longer than his right. Tawny's legs needs to be the same size, and her bangs are thicker (like Amy's)

8: Zelzzazz the Fox

Pros: I love the background! And the whole figure is cute too! She looks so shy in this pic, and I love that! Those sparkles on her those orbs are so pretty too! I'd love to do that...

Cons: you need to determine your light source. If the light's coming from the right, then only the right orb should be glowing. the hair is sort of going to wrong way too.


  • 3rd place: Kagimizu
  • 2nd place: Gamergirl
  • 1st place!!!: Sunny the Hedgehog

Congratulations you three! I will award all those who entered with a sketch of one of their characters, so please don't be angry or sad that you didn't win!! Thank you all for joining!!