Over the months I've been on Sonic News Network, I've started to ask myself a few questions.

Am I useful to the community?

I haven't made any contributions to this wiki lately. I want to contribute, but there's nothing on this wiki to contribute to... Am I really that useless, or do I need to search harder?

Is there a way I can better myself on Sonic News Network?

I been having grave feelings I should probably quit Sonic News Network. However, I've been having the same thoughts about Wikia in its entirety. I feel useless - I can't put it any other way.

What do people think about me?

I am starting to wonder what people think about me. I wonder whether or not having a 14-year-old making useless contributions is worth your guys' time.

I am shedding tears as I write this blog post. I really don't want to stop Wikia, but if I don't get answers, I probably have no other choice.