This blog (as stated above) is for Sonamy fans ONLY. If you aren't, please say nothing against it.

Ok, so, my old belief was that Sonic should tell Amy his feelings for her soon, otherwise he could lose his last chance. But then I thought, Wait, what if he doesn't tell her because if something happened to him, yes it would hurt her very badly, but if she knew, it would hurt even more. So I think Sonic is taking a precaution for her feelings.

Now, I would like to know how many agree with me. So if you do, please say so, and if you don't, please put your reason why. Don't just say "No, you're an effing idiot." And someone will anyway, just because I said that. Also, if you aren't a Sonamy fan, don't say anything, or if you do, don't say anything against this post.

Thank You