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    September 11, 2015 by TheWikoDude

    Hello! Its so good to be here in the wiki! I'm so excited to contribuite to the wiki to edit and make articles! So, disclaimer here! I am new and I might be extremely naive to everything that's going on. 10 years of this wiki, I can't even keep a wiki alive for that long! Anyways, I love Sonic and I am a GAMER. I love everything about Sonic, I love his spikes I also love the characters that SEGA have. I'm also a fan of the (1991) Sonic The Hedgehog series. I have watched it on Youtube, I have played it. And I'm the fan of Sonic Generations! I love Sonic Generations and I thought it was going to be a upcoming series when it was annouced in late 2010, I think. I am new to this wiki so I might probably be new to the rules and I am a extreme h…

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