Hello! Its so good to be here in the wiki! I'm so excited to contribuite to the wiki to edit and make articles! So, disclaimer here! I am new and I might be extremely naive to everything that's going on. 10 years of this wiki, I can't even keep a wiki alive for that long! Anyways, I love Sonic and I am a GAMER. I love everything about Sonic, I love his spikes I also love the characters that SEGA have. I'm also a fan of the (1991) Sonic The Hedgehog series. I have watched it on Youtube, I have played it. And I'm the fan of Sonic Generations! I love Sonic Generations and I thought it was going to be a upcoming series when it was annouced in late 2010, I think. I am new to this wiki so I might probably be new to the rules and I am a extreme huge Sonic fan. I mainly came here for looking for information because I was roleplaying a Sonic Game.

Okay, that's all!