• The Chosen One Of Fire

    Helloooooooooo people of SNN, this is my very own riddle competition. Now, before I begin, let me set up the rules.

    1. You are allowed to work on a team or you may work alone. However, when you enter the first time, you must use the same team over and over again.
    2. Points will be in the form of Chaos Shards. To win the entire competition, you must make a Master Emerald. Seven emeralds make up the master, and seven shards make up an emerald. To collect shards, you must answer these riddles correctly and be the first one to do so. Each riddle will have a different shard amount, up to one Chaos emerald if it is really hard.
    3. Because only one person can win the master emerald rank, if you are working on a team, and your team gets the master emeral…
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  • The Chosen One Of Fire

    The title is self explanatory, but before i start, let me note: you are not allowed to kill me. If your userpun offends you, just post below and give me a better one. Also, try to guess them before checking the link. So here they are:

    • The one who must burn at the pyre
    • Guy who's name I can never spell
    • Every kiss begins with K
    • Sonicreallysux14
    • Okay it's hard to to come up with a pun for this guy
    • Is he really an admin?
    • Mystique the she-rat
    • Okay, you try to come up with an insult for a guy who's name doesn't make any sense to begin with
    • User:Not the first spelling tutor you'd want to hire
    • Don't make me come up with a name for this guy, otherwise It'll go from puns to outright colorful vocabulary
    • The reactor
    • The Chosen one of farter (i shouuld not be tal…
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