Helloooooooooo people of SNN, this is my very own riddle competition. Now, before I begin, let me set up the rules.

  1. You are allowed to work on a team or you may work alone. However, when you enter the first time, you must use the same team over and over again.
  2. Points will be in the form of Chaos Shards. To win the entire competition, you must make a Master Emerald. Seven emeralds make up the master, and seven shards make up an emerald. To collect shards, you must answer these riddles correctly and be the first one to do so. Each riddle will have a different shard amount, up to one Chaos emerald if it is really hard.
  3. Because only one person can win the master emerald rank, if you are working on a team, and your team gets the master emerald rank, there will a riddle directed only towards your team, and you have to solve it individually. Whoever solves it first, wins the tournament.
  4. Answers are to be submitted on my talk page, with the title of the riddle and whatever andswer you have ( I will delete these promptly). If there are no correct answers to a certain riddle by a certain due date, I will only allow the people who entered initially to solve a new riddle, with the same rules.
  5. GO NUTS!!!!!!

The Championship Race

Difficulty:Chaos Emerald
Type:Proccess of Emlimination, with slight knowledge of Fancharaters
Due:1 March 2010 at 0500 GMT

Five Hedgehogs participated in a race. In no particular order, these hedgehogs are Sonic, Shadow, Shelly, Statyx, and Echo. They were each playing for a team, which were, in no patricular order: Chao, Sol emerald, Rings, Chaos Emerald, and Flare Crystals (I couldn't think of anything better). Your job is to find out, based on the below three clues, what each person got in the race and what team they were playing for.

  1. Echo barely beat Shadow, but was in turn barely beaten by the person playing for team flare crystals.
  2. Chaos emeralds won first place, and their dimensional counterparts won last place. These two were represented by the two staunchest rivals in the race.
  3. Little cute cuddly things,
Got too beaten by Golden Rings
Of Lightning, of lightning.

Thats that

The Chosen One Of Fire 13:33, January 29, 2010 (UTC)