Okay now I was on deviantART today. Everyone was upset because a rumor is gonna on right now that not only are they getting rid of Amy but Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, and everyone else in Sonic! Except Sonic and Robotnik. All the characters are being replaced by Archie Comic's characters instead. Amy is being replaced with Sally. Tails is being replaced with Antonnie. Knuckles is being replaced with Rotor. And Shadow is being replaced with Scourge. I believe this absolute bull. SEGA would never do this! They wouldn't get all of these characters that millions of fans love! I looked on all SEGA sites and all Sonic sites. They didn't say anything about it either! Oh my god, why does this keep happening? I don't want a see a Purple Walrus or a Vreen Hedgehog instead of Knuckles or Shadow!? Are you kidding me!? Is a sick joke or something!? Just because you Archie fans don't like the game characters doesn't mean you have ruin it for everyone!?