This game contains scenes of explicit violence, language and gore. Be warned some of the cutscenes are frightening and are prone to scare quite a few. If you get scared easily? Please be advised.

Startup Logos

Depending on the console (PS3, 360, PS4, Xbox One or Wii U) you use to play this game? The consoles logos appear respectively. A few seconds later the SEGA logo appears followed by a still logo of Sonic Team and Eighting on a white screen. Then the Y of Doom (created by YoshiWii1) zooms in on the screen with Viacom V of Doom music playing. After this the Copyright Disclaimers appear on screen followed by "SEGA AND SONIC TEAM PRESENT...." Beginning the game's intro.

Opening of the Game

The Opening Intro Theme is "Fields Of Joy" performed by Lenny Kravitz.

The Intro of the game begins with a calming and relaxing song playing. The camera fades into a windy field of Cherry Blossoms with Amy and Sonic in white outfits strolling through the field. Amy looks at Sonic and Sonic smiles back as they are walking. When the song gets rough, Damnel Tiger appears in a black background with flames similar to Bowser's appearance in the Super Smash Bros. Melee introduction. Followed by many appearances of the game's cast. Brandon is shown next who is fighting enemies with in with his Zanpakuto. Then going into Hollowification form. Tails is flying the Tornado next. Knuckles is guarding the Master Emerald in a thunderstorm. Then it shows more gameplay footage of Amy wracking enemies in the away and knocking them in an air combo. There are also obstacles she avoiding similar to those seen in Megaman and Crash Bandicoot. Peter Rifle appears on the shooting enemies and dodging explosions. When it gets to the guitar solo it shows Amy fighting large amounts of enemies, dodging obstacles and fighting bosses like Eggman's Robot, Mobster Fontana, Extraterrestrial #94 "Braindevour", Condemnation, etc. When the song gets calm again, Sonic is knocked out and Amy comforts him and heals him in Super form. At the end of the song, Sonic wakes up with Amy smiling at him in a first person view. Sonic hugs her and she hugs him back as the screen fades out to the Title Screen. The announcer is voiced by Steve Blum.

Meet the Game's Cast (in these cutscenes)

Amy Rose - A beautiful, cheerful hedgehog with a strong intuition. Throughout most of her life, she has been deeply in love with Sonic. Going through great lengths to win his affection. As years went by, Amy trained with Sonic to become much stronger. She has not only mastered her Piko Piko Hammer, as she also mastered melee attacks with both her fists and feet. In her training with Sonic, she has gained a Super form like him and gained the ability to heal herself and others. Eventually, she displaced Sonic and proved a force to be reckoned with! Now her and Sonic are partners and lovers to fight for justice!

Age: 21 Height: 5ft 5in. Theme Song: My Sweet Passion Voiced By Cindy Robinson

Sonic the Hedgehog - A cocky, carefree hedgehog with an attitude. He is the world's fastest hedgehog and one of the fastest things alive. Loving to be able to whatever he wishes and loathes to be restricted. He may be a little short tempered but that won't get in the way once someone is in trouble. When he and Amy were younger, Sonic would often tease Amy and feel annoyed by her presence. However deep in his heart, he liked Amy and was afraid to admit. As they got older, Sonic finally showed his real feelings towards Amy. Ever since then, they have become boyfriend/girlfriend and a team!

Age: 24 Height: 5ft 6in. Theme Song: It Doesn't Matter (Sonic Adventure version) Voiced By Roger Craig Smith, Yuri Lowenthal (10 year old Sonic)

Brandon - A somewhat naive and short tempered but good hearten orphan. Brandon was guy that was often shunned and isolated by people due to his good intentions in life. He would complain about how he was too weak to help those in need. That is one night, he encountered a dying ninja who revealed that he was secreting spying on him due to his potential to help others. He transferred all of his powers and weapons to Brandon in his last breath. Brandon and Amy have had a strong brother/sister relationship since they were younger. He loves Amy so much that he is willing to do anything to make her happy. Even if it means sacrificing his life.

Age: 19 Height: 5ft 10in. Theme Song - Wolverine Theme (Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter) Voiced By Johnny Yong Bosch, Mona Marshall (10 year Brandon)

Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik - An evil, obese scientist with an I.Q. of 300. As a long time arch nemesis of Sonic and his friends, he has tried to conquer the world to built his Eggman Empire. Which he has failed many times over the years. He creates an army of robots shattered around the world in hopes of dominating the world. Eggman doesn't know when to quit and won't do so until his goal is set. Despite having the harsh ambitions, he is quite a comic relief villain. Always failing to achieve his goal and is not taken seriously by Sonic who is over confident to beat him.

Age: 50's Height: 6ft 1in. Theme Song - E.G.G.M.A.N. Voiced By Mike Pollock

Damnel Tiger - A Horned Tiger from Hell. He is a self-proclaimed "God" as he is always trying to prove his demonic peers wrong. One day, he was given a pass to leave Hell by his meth-addicted school counselor. This pass allowed him to possess an innocent children's cartoon so people can bow down to him as their Lord. After his refusal to watch the show, he haunted Brandon eventually transporting him to his "Toy Town." Brandon defeated the Demon with the help of the ghost of Mister Rogers. As of now, Damnel Tiger steals a pass from Hell, skips school and returns to the Earth to terrorize anyone who "rejects" him as their god! Damnel's infamous trademark is he claws himself out of Daniel Tiger's body that he possessed and tosses it like a rag doll!

Age: Unknown Height: 6ft 3in., 3ft 9in. (When he possesses Daniel Tiger's body) Theme Song - Firebrand Theme (Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3) Voiced By Nolan North, Frank Welker (Roar Sound Effects)

Miles "Tails" Prower - An intelligent fox with two tails. His real name is Miles Prower but prefers to be called Tails. Ever since he was a small fox, Tails was impressed by the speed of Sonic following him in the process. Since then Tails has become one of Sonic's closest friends, if not the brother he never had! Tails has the ability to temporarily fly with his two tails like a helicopter. He is also a skilled mechanic using his knowledge to create various devices. As years have gone by, Tails has now grown up into a tall, mechanic pilot that he upgraded the Tornado into a battle mech that he summons during combat.

Age: 17 Height: 5ft 11in. Theme Song - Believe in Yourself (Sonic Adventure version) Voiced By Yuri Lowenthal

Knuckles the Echidna - A powerful echidna who is the friendly rival of Sonic. He is the Guardian of the Master Emerald on Angel Island. Due to his gullible nature, he was fooled many times by Eggman over the years into thinking Sonic was his real enemy. Being one of the strongest anthropomorphic in the world. He was eventually displaced by Amy who also displaced Sonic. Knuckles is a martial artists expert who can broke through rocks with his fists. He can also glide in the air and climb on walls.

Age: 25 Height: 5ft 8in. Theme Song - Unknown From M.E. (Sonic Adventure version) Voiced By Travis Willingham

Opening Cutscene

An 8 year old Amy uses her tarot cards to predict the future. Upon discovery, she learns that she was to have a destined encounter was the 10 year old Sonic the Hedgehog. Meeting him on Little Planet, a planet that hovers above Never Lake every year for one month. Excited, she heads over the lake to meet the love of her life. She makes it to Little Planet where she spots Sonic. Couldn't help herself, she glomped to her love. Sonic was annoyed by this but this didn't stop her from following him. Later on, she runs into him again. Only for an annoyed Sonic to stop and tell her to let him be.

Young Amy: Oh Sonic! I was so excited to see you that I forgot to introduce myself! My name's Amy Rose! *spreads out her skirt and bows*

Young Sonic: *annoyed* Look. I don't have time for girls! Now can you please stop following me!?

Young Amy: But Sonic I love you! I wanna be your girlfriend and I wanna marry you someday!

Young Sonic: No way! Never! *beginning to run away* Get out of my way you weirdo!

Young Amy: Aw! Sonic don't be- *gets kidnapped by Metal Sonic* AHHHH!!!!!!!!! SONIC! HELP ME!

Young Sonic: *turns around* What the? *looks up*

Metal Sonic: *carrying a struggling Amy* Mission Accomplished. Time to bring her to the Doctor. *flies way*

Young Sonic: *chases after Metal Sonic* Aww phooey! Now I gonna save that pain too?

After Sonic carries Amy to safety from the crumbing pillars. Sonic drops her off at Never Lake and runs off before Amy can look.

Young Amy: Oh thank you Sonic! We'll meet again soon! I promise!

5 years later, Amy reunites with Sonic outside Casinopolis.

12 year old Amy: Hey Sonic!

15 year old Sonic: *turns around and stutters* A-a am-my-my *backs away*

12 year old Amy: Long time no see! *walks closer* Can I ask you a favor? This birdie is all alone and I was wondering if you can be his bodyguard for awhile?

15 year old Sonic: You must be kidding!

12 year old Amy: Doesn't matter. We'll just tag along.

15 year old Sonic: No way! Aw uh! *runs from Amy*

12 year old Amy: Wait for me Sonic!

Sonic is on Space Colony ARK with the Earth saved and Shadow presumably dead. Sonic looks out in space a bit saddened. Amy goes to comfort Sonic.

12 year old Amy: What's the matter Sonic?

15 year old Sonic: *pauses* Oh it's nothing! Come on let's go home to the planet as blue as me!

Amy is comforting a mother whose son was kidnapped by one of Eggman's robots.

12 year old Amy: *comforting the crying mother* It's okay? I know Sonic is gonna bring him back! He's always saved me!

15 year old Sonic: *reunites a 10 year old Brandon with his mom*

Young Brandon: Mom! *runs and hugs her*

Brandon's mom: *hugs him back* Aww sweetie! I was worried I lost my handsome little man?

12 year old Amy: *adoring their moment* Awwww! My name's Amy Rose. Your Brandon right.

10 year old Brandon: *looks at Amy* Uh huh!

15 year old Sonic: Well I better get going now? See ya! *begins to run*

12 year old Amy: *running close behind him* Sonic! Don't run away! Awwww!!

10 year old Brandon: *looks back at Amy smiling*

9 years later, Brandon reunites with Amy and starts ranting to her about how much has been through.

Brandon: Worst of all, I have NO girlfriend. I want someone to love me! Every girl thinks I am a dork! While guys think I am a retard!

Amy: Brandon I love you for who you are! Your my friend. I care about you. Have you talked your parents about this?

Brandon: *sniffle* I have! I fought with them alot about my issues. They told me to be thankful I even exist! They also told me someone will love me eventually. *crying* Now my parents are dead.

Amy: Brandon I want to you to know that I will love and care for you through your hard times! Until you can get a girlfriend, I will love you like a boyfriend! However, I will still be with Sonic.

Brandon: *smiles* Thank you Amy!

After Brandon realizes what he was about to do? He knees down in agony as his mask fully breaks off with his eyes beginning to water.

Brandon: What I have I done?.......They really did brainwash me?......I have turned into a monster.......God......I failed you.......

Sonic: No you haven't Brandon. You did the right thing.

Brandon: But I nearly killed her out of pure hatred! I am the one who is the monster!

Amy: No Brandon. You will always be loved by God! Me and Sonic will always love you no matter what!

Brandon: actually saved me just now. I will about to get consumed with hatred but your crying reminded me of my mom crying for me! If you didn't cry, I would have turned evil! I realize how much of a fool I was? Thank you Amy for saving my sanity! Honestly Amy, your like a second mother to me! My mother loved me so much. She was always there for me! Just like how you were always there for me!

Sonic: *smiling* Dawww Brandon!

Brandon: Amy *beginning to cry*......I love you. I love you so much for everything you have done for me! Your one of the most important people in my life along with Sonic! Amy, I love you and all? But I want you to be with Sonic forever! Because your happiness is everything to me! I would sacrifice all my happiness for yours Amy! That is how much I really love you!

Amy: *eyes beginning to water and smiling* Brandon.....

Brandon: Someday. I hope a girl with your love comes into my life? Your such a wonderful woman Amy! Me and Sonic are blessed to have you!

Amy: *blushes* Awwww thank you Bondo! You will find someone like me! Never give up! *wink*

Brandon: I would make me really happy if you and Sonic were to kiss right now!

Sonic: Of course Brandon! *kisses and hugs Amy for a few moments*

Amy: Brandon? Do you want a hug and a kiss too?

Brandon: *blushing* Of course Amy!

Sonic and Amy: *walk to Brandon and hug him with Amy kissing him*

5 years later, Sonic in a tuxedo is waiting for Amy his bride to be with the rabbi. When Amy arrives, there is a beautiful shine coming from outside. Amy walks in her wedding dress to her soon to be husband. As she is about half way there, a Daniel Tiger appears in the cathedral arches. People are wondering what he is there? Then a claw bursts out Daniel Tiger's chest and Damnel Tiger tears himself out of the disguise. Slaying the rabbi in half making all of his organs spew out into the wedding guests!

Wedding Guests: *gasp and scream*

Sonic and Amy: DAMNEL TIGER!?

Damnel Tiger: No way would I EVER allow my non-believers to get married!

Brandon: *getting angry* Damnel.....your gonna pay for this!!!!! *goes Bankai and teleports in front of him to attack but....*


Brandon: *a bunch of blood and water splashes out of Brandon as Damnel Tiger impaling him in the chest* Sonic....take care of Amy for me......*dies*

Sonic and Amy: BRANDON!!!!!

Damnel Tiger: Now that I have finally killed Brandon. It's time to punish all of you for your sins! El Tigere Diabio! *causing a huge blast which burns the cathedral to the ground and every except Amy dies.*

Amy: *sees Sonic's heavily burnt corpse* SONIC!!!!!!!!

Damnel Tiger: *grabs Amy by the neck and smirks* See you in hell pink b*tch. *the screen goes into a first person as Damnel roars and is about to blast her to oblivion with his breath*

It's turns out it was all just a nightmare that Amy had.

Amy: *panting and sighs in relief* It was just nightmare. *thinks for a bit* Sonic....Brandon....

In morning, Amy wakes up and gets out of bed. She opens her closet to change into her yoga outfit. Suddenly the phone rings.

Phone: *ringing*

Amy: *walks over to get the phone and answers it* Hello?

Tails: Hi Amy!

Amy: Oh hi Tails what's up?

Tails: I finished the Training Room in my Workshop.

Amy: Oh really that quick?

Tails: Yep! I stayed up all night just to make for you, Sonic, Knuckles and Brandon to practice your abilities and fighting skills.

Amy: Awesome!

Tails: I also got something extra for you to check out as well? I contacted the others about it too-*Brandon appears in the same room as tell but its not shown* Hold on minute?....*talks to Brandon* You can go ahead and train now Brandon!

Brandon: Who are you talking to you?

Tails: Amy.

Brandon: *blushes* Okay....I think I go train now? *leaves the room*

Tails: *laughs*

Amy: What did he do?

Tails: He blushed when I just mentioned your name.

Amy: Awww! He's so cute when he does that!

Tails: He really likes you doesn't he?

Amy: Yeah. He's like a little brother to me!

Tails: Awww! *Sonic enters the workshop* Heh-hey! It's Sonic! Wanna talk to him?

Amy: Of course!

Sonic: *gets the phone handed to him* Hi Ames! Are you coming over here to try to the training room?

Amy: Of course Sonikku! Why wouldn't I?

Sonic: Just wondering? Are you gonna wear your hot sports bra and shorts?

Amy: You bet!

Sonic: Well hurry up and get over here! *teasing* You know I don't like waiting!

Amy: *giggles a bit* That's my Sonic! Be right there! I love you! *kisses over the phone*

Sonic: I love you too beautiful! Don't keep me waiting too long? See ya!

Amy: Bye Sonic. *hangs up and giggles a bit* Oh that Sonic! *changes into her workout outfit and leaves her apartment complex*

Amy gets in her car and drives to Tails Workship. After this the player must go to the training room for the game's tutorial which is instructed by Tails.

Cutscene #1 Training

After you defeat some enemies and avoid obstacles. Amy encounters Brandon who just defeated 20 tall Holographic machine being piloted by a holographic pilot.

Amy: Well done Bondo!

Brandon's Theme Song, Wolverine (Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter) begins to play.

Brandon: *turns around and begins to stutters*! *backs away a little* Your...your....*begins to blush a little*

Amy: Sexy? It's okay sweetie! Are you ready to spare with me?

Brandon: No....absolutely not! I don't even want to think about laying a finger on you!

Amy: Brandon. Calm down. It's gonna be okay. I can heal myself remember?

Brandon: *nods* Okay. But I still will only use my fists and kicks.

After the battle....

Brandon: *flies back and rolls on the ground in Eighting style* *twitching* ! *trying to get up*

Amy: *turns Super and walks towards Brandon still trying to get up*

Brandon: *twitching and backing away a little from Amy* !!!

Amy: *picks up Brandon and carries him in her arms* Relax Brandon. Close eyes and take a deep breath. *place her hand his chest*

Brandon: *closes his eyes and breathes through his nose*

A few moments later, Brandon opens his eyes and looks up at Amy's face in a first person view. Amy smiles at him causing Brandon to blush and realize the side of his face is touching Amy's breasts.

Brandon: *gasps and blushes*

Amy: Daww!! How adorable! You love me don't you Brandon?

Brandon: Amy...I absolutely love you! You're like a second mother to me! I want you to be with Sonic instead of me! But......I will never be loved by any other girl than you!

Amy: need to be more positive. You'll find someone like me? I promise.

Brandon: I hope so?

Amy: Do want a ride back to the lab?

Brandon: Of course!

Amy: *puts Brandon down and leans over* Hope on.

Brandon: *climbs on Amy's back and she gives him a piggyback ride* Giddy up Amy!

Amy: *giggles a little bit* Sure thing Brando! *walks away with him on her back into the distance as the camera fades out*

Cutscene #2 Damnel Tiger WARNING! The following scene contains explicit gore and satanic imagery that is considered disturbing or offensive. If you get scared or offended easily? Skip to the third scene now! You have been warned.

As the camera fades in. The Stryper song "Abyss" begins to play. As the camera pans closer you see an enormous demonic looking Gate bigger than any Gate possibly seen on Earth. This is the Gates of Hell. As it opens, there is an explosion of fire. Now the camera enters the gate. Inside is a big statue of the "Le génie du mal" translated in English....The Genius of Evil, Lucifier aka Satan. Behind the statue was nothing but chaos! People are being brutally whipped by dog/bat-like demon who are making them pull a wagon full of dismembered body parts of people. As the camera moves through the world of Hell. There are flying monkeys in the red sky with high pitched laughs. Megalodons aka Giant Great White Sharks are swimming in the lava lakes devouring ships full of people! And pig-like demons in a meat factory force feeding people to become so fat that they can slaughter them for their meat. As the camera strolls through the destroyed looking city. It eventually fades to a suburban neighborhood with stoned houses and a distinctive home which a Mammoth-like skeleton. The camera goes inside the house panning through the hallways fading to a close of an alarm clock. Which the music stops here. The alarm clock is a operation table with a strapped down figure of Brandon. There a crane with a saw blade attached. When the clock turns to 7:00 a.m., the alarm goes off.

Alarm Clock: *lowers it's crane and the saw blade starts spinning* BUZZZZZZ!!!!!!

Figure of Brandon: *gets sawed in half* AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CRASH! Damnel Tiger shoves the clock off his self.

Damnel Tiger: God d*mn it! I have to go f*cking.....UGH!!! *picks up the broken alarm clock and tosses it in the closet along with the rest of his broken alarm clocks* *shakes his head and sighs* I'll clean this sh*t later. *shoves the bedroom door away as he walks out making the door hinges crack*

Door: SLAM!!!

Damnel Tiger goes into the kitchen, opens the fridge and gets a leftover Buffalo leg.

Damnel Tiger: *heats up the drumstick with his flame breath*

Fire Breath: BLAZE!

Damnel Tiger: *takes a bite of it and walks to his Wooly Mammoth-hide couch*

Damnel grabs the TV remote and turns on the Stone TV while sitting down. The TV turns it to MTV where Miley Cyrus is twerking on-screen.

Damnel Tiger: OH F*CK NO! NOT MILEY SLUTRUS! *changes the channel to the Earth news* F*cking *ssholes! Only the teacher can twerk!

Anchorwoman: All the PBS characters will be performing at Buena Stadium. Tickets are on sale now on Ticketmaster for $7.99 for children 0-3 years. $9.99 for 4 and Up. And Adults for $11.99. Mastercard, VISA, Discovery and American Express are all accepted. The show begins at 2:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. The PBS station would like to give all from the channel from viewers like you. Thank you! Now for the Weather Forecast...

Damnel Tiger: *shuts off the TV and smirks* Time for my comeback! This time, everyone will witness the true wrath of a god! Those who defy a god shall perish! Once I dispose of my arch-nemesis? The blue hedgec*nt and the pink b*tch are next! Then the Marvel Heroes, the DC Heroes, the Shonen Jump Heroes, etc. etc. etc.! Everyone shall know my name and fear it! *the camera shows a close of him* CAUSE I AM DAMNEL TIGER B*TCHES!!! *flips off the camera with his middle claw and eyes glow a solid bright color fading out the camera*

Cutscene #3 Reunion

Sonic, Tails and Knuckles in the lab playing FPS games on a big projector screen. The match is about to end as Knuckles is chasing Sonic in the game.

Knuckles: *character dies and his screen says "You have been killed by TornadoPrower"* D*mn it Tails! Stop killing me!

Tails: *laughs a little* You keep running out in the open! You got to hide once in a while!

Knuckles: Well if Sonic didn't keep shooting and running away from me!?

Sonic: *laughing at Knuckles* You better hurry up Knuckster! There is only 15 seconds left and you haven't killed anyone once! You know what? I'll give you a free shot. Hurry though!

Knuckles: *aims at Sonic's character* Hold til you blue son of a-

Brandon: *talks out of nowhere* Hey guys!

Knuckles: *misses Sonic's character and the match ends* What the f*ck!?

Sonic and Tails: *laughing at Knuckle's rage*

Knuckles: Grrr!!! *drops the controller on the floor and runs to punch Brandon* I am gonna kick your- *suddenly stops because he sees Amy who is still carrying Brandon*

Amy: What was that Knuckles?

Knuckles: Er? Never mind.

Sonic: *getting mad* Today's your lucky day Knucklehead! Cause I would've given you a Knuckle-Sandwich if you lay a single knuckle on my girl!

Brandon: *getting off Amy's back* And mine too!

Amy: And if you touch my Sonic? Your gonna get one heck of a concussion! And I won't heal it either!

Knuckles: Okay! Okay! I am sorry!

Tails: Are you guys done yet?

Sonic, Amy, Brandon and Knuckles: *stop and stare at Tails*

Tails: Good. Guys there is something else I want to show you? Follow me?

Everyone follows Tails to his big computer monitor.

Tails: Okay. I have arranged a set of five missions to choose from. You can pick either one you want to do first? If a mission is too hard for you? You can do it last and pick another. There are also hidden paths as well as Red Rings hidden deep within the missions I have arranged. If your lucky enough? You mean find a Chaos Emerald every now and then! You can save the game on next window and change the game settings in the other window.

At this point, the player can now select any of the levels he/she pleases. To select the level you use the cursor on the computer to click on the levels and different windows to save or change the game's options.

Tails: *when the player selects any level* Good luck, Amy!

The screen loads the Level's Title Screen with a byline saying "Press Start." Each level in the game has their own unique animation for their Title Screens. Once you press start, the game loads to the level and the gameplay begins.

More cutscenes are coming soon....


The music that plays during the game's gameplay and cutscenes.

Lenny Kravitz - Fields Of Joy03:59

Lenny Kravitz - Fields Of Joy

Opening Theme OST of Amy

Omega Red's theme - Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter02:18

Omega Red's theme - Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter

Tutorial/Training Room Theme of the game

Wolverine Theme-Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter Music02:19

Wolverine Theme-Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter Music

Theme of Brandon

Stryper - Abyss (To Hell With The Devil)01:22

Stryper - Abyss (To Hell With The Devil)

The Gates Of Hell Theme of the game

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Theme of Firebrand03:39

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Theme of Firebrand

Theme of Damnel Tiger