The past 4 days have been never but hell in the Sonic fanbase. 4 days ago, an anonymous user or group created an online petition to cease Amy's existence forever in all Sonic games, shows, comics, etc. This includes remakes. So far 120+ people have signed it. The Sonic fanbase was devastated, heartbroken, angry, etc. over this petition. Everyone on deviantART was shattered in tears that a beloved Sonic character now might get killed off the franchise forever. Many people reportedly claimed an infamous user on deviantART who flamed Sonic game fans, Amy fans, Sonamy fans, and anyone who didn't support Sally or Archie Comics? Was behind the petition. She was banned multiple times for flamming and kept creating sockpuppet accounts. Amy the first female in Sonic who has appeared in nearly every game since Sonic CD. Is now being ceased due to these haters? The comments in that petition were disgusting, sinister and vile that O can't post it here because it is "disturbing." What they said they wanted to do to her was so sinister and vile. You can pretty much guess what they wanted to do to her? Not to mention they drew pictures of her getting slaughtered and hate speech written all over it? So is SEGA gonna consider removing Amy? She has been around since 1993 and one of the main characters! She was even ranked in the Top 5 Sonic characters in the official SEGA of Japan poll. As the most popular female in Sonic! Would SEGA really remove a character that has been around for so long? And is loved by millions and millions? If you want to save Amy? Sign this petition?