Guys.....You not gonna believe this? Two days ago, I posted on the Super Smash Bros. Community and I posted a Sonamy/Amy post saying that I was gonna start making Miiverse drawings of Amy and Sonamy again. There was a Sonamy/Amy hater that posted on my post. He drew a crudely gun with a stick figure saying "Yay!" I literally had an anxiety attack. I reported him for violent content and for a potentially threatening comment due to hate speech.

So what do you guys think I should do? Contact Nintendo Support or contact the authorities? I cannot believe Sonamy haters are going THIS far to potentially threaten my life?

You know what? Are Sonamy/Amy haters really THIS crazy to where they actually want to murder other people for liking Sonamy/Amy? Is getting arrested, getting fingerprinted by the justice center, talking with their lawyers, going to court, awaiting the verdict from the jury, going to prison and/or getting the death penalty worth it over their hatred for Sonamy/Amy? If Sonamy/Amy haters end up doing this to people? They would make headlines all over the media! They probably end up in a mental institution for physically harming people over fictional characters! People on my deviantART are telling me to contact the police? But I am not gonna do that because they might not do anything about it?

So what do you guys think of this?