That is right folks. After almost 15 years of being a Sonic fan. I am quitting the Sonic franchise forever. I am selling all my Sonic games, figures, and everything Sonic related. I am quitting everything Sonic related. After all these years? I have been lied to and betrayed by Sega. Everything I loved about Sonic was all a lie. Sega and Sonic Team lied to me. I bought their stuff for so many years and now its not the truth? All the money I payed for was all wasted. Sonic made me really happy and now I am saddened to learn the truth of about Sonic? I am actually crying right now. Everything Sega and Sonic Team did was all a lie. I feel heartbroken right now. I feel like a family member was taken from me? I am really sad right now. Someone on deviantART commented saying Archie Sonic is the True Sonic an not the games. They claim Sega said that Archie is the real Sonic and not the games. I looked on here again and it was no where to be found. I am sorry but I am not gonna support Sonic if Archie is the real thing? I will leave Sonic if Archie is real instead of the games. Thank you guys for everything and I am leaving Sonic forever. Goodbye everyone and I hope you guys enjoy the "Real" Sonic? Because I am NOT enjoying as you can tell?