If other Sonic characters were to be in the next Super Smash Bros. game? These would be their signature movesets and Final Smashes? Bare with me folks as I tried to make their movesets separate from Sonic. So they won't be considered a clone to Sonic? The reason I excluded Eggman was he really can't fight? He is a scientist not really a fighter. But he would be a boss though? Blaze and Silver would be assist trophies.


Same as Super Smash Flash 2


Neutral Special = Storming Heart

Blows a heart shaped kiss.

Side Special = Spinning Hammer Attack

Spins her Piko Piko Hammer around at high speed. Can be used as an recovery move.

Up Special = Hammer Jump/Mid-Air Hammer Jump

She catapults herself in the air with a wrack of her hammer on the ground. It works the way it works in Sonic Advance 3 when done in mid-air.

Down Special = Big Hammer Attack

Pulls out a big hammer and whacks an opponent with extreme force. But it takes some time to pull off. Dealing 40-50% damage!

Final Smash = Super Amy

An original move. She turns a very bright pink and her quills become longer down to her waist. She slowly heals herself and her Piko Piko Hammer transforms into a Bazooka shoots heart stamped torpedoes. This is a temporary move. And usually takes 2-3 hits to K.O. an opponent if they have 0% damage.


Neutral Special = Hammer Punch

Similar to Donkey Kong's Hand Slap. Can be used repeatedly to cause tremors.

Side Special = Rock Free Fall

Takes a chuck out of the Ground and tosses it

Up Special: Spiral Upper

Performs a Spinning Uppercut in the air. Recovery move.

Down Special = Dig and Uppercut

Digs into the ground and you can use this to move around underground. Press the button again to burst out of the ground to deliver an uppercut.

Final Smash = Meteor Crush

Floats in the air and a stage wide meteor comes crashing towards the stage.


Neutral Special = Chaos Spear

Throws a few spears at the opponent.

Side Special = Spin Dash

Same as Sonic's Spin Dash

Up Special = Chaos Control

Teleports depending on the angle of the control stick

Down Special = Chaos Burst

Disappears for a split second and unleashes a field of chaos.

Final Smash = Super Shadow

Same as Sonic's Final Smash