So many of you guys have been wondering why I act the way I do on this wiki? I am gonna answer a few questions why I do. Some of the following may shock you guys. Be warned.

My Anger

The reason why I get angry so easily is mainly because I have Asperger's Syndrome - A high functioning form of Autism. Since I have this, I am more prone to get upset than other people. When I was 3 and 4, my mom explained that I often threw fits because I got frustrated that I couldn't communicate well. I was later diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. However there are a few advantages of Asperger's Syndrome. They are the most accurate when it comes to information (that is why I am a purist.) They are smarter than other people. And can be quite creative!

Also I inherit a hot temper from my dad's side of the family. My dad is gets angry easily like me (arguably worse), my Grandpa on my dad's side gets angry easily too (he is like the Angry Grandpa on YouTube) and my great grand-cousin also had the worst tempter of all! You know who he was? Jackie Gleason, the actor of Ralph Kramden from The Honeymooners. He was the biggest jerk to his wife Alice. He often yelled at her and he always making life hard for her! I don't want to be like him. If I had a girl like Amy, I would love her to death. I would never treat her like him!

Why I can't tolerate lies

I really dislike lying. I don't think anyone likes being lied to? I am sure you don't? Another positive thing about Asperger's is they are always honest on things. Anyway, the reason why I get so upset over lying is because people have shoved lies down my throat about many different things not Sonic related. Christianity is the worst offender. People often mock me and think I am just a crazy judgmental person because I believe in the savior. People are telling me things like:

1) When I die, I go to hell. And rot for all eternity. There is no Heaven.

2) God hates you. That is why he is always sending disasters to kill you.

3) Being a Christian is for squares. Real men do drugs, alcohol, prostitute, break the law, etc.

4) God sends you to hell when you die.

5) God forces you to follow him.

6) There is no God. Deal with it.

7) Christians are crazy judgmental people.

My response to this.

1) Yes there is Heaven. God created the Heavens and the Earth. I am saved because I believe that Jesus died for me.

2) God loves you more than you can ever possibly think! Disasters just happen on their own because it's part of nature.

3) At least I am doing the right thing by not doing those things.

4) No. God gives you the choice in life to follow him or reject him. It's all your choice whether you want to be with him in Heaven or not.

5) No he doesn't. He allows just to follow him on your own free will.

6) Yes there is. God created everything on Earth and Heaven.

7) Not every Christian is like that.

So yeah, this is why I don't tolerate lies. Because I have been through so many lies from many things not Sonic related.

Why I love Amy Rose

The reason why I love Amy Rose is because she makes me happy and cheers me up. Every time I see her on anything. She makes me smile and cheer up. Keep in mind that I am the kind of guy that never smiles! I see something very special in her character. That no other character has. That is the unconditional love that she displays to Sonic. She is devoted her life to his! She loves him with everything in her heart! She always believes in him no matter what. She never gives up on him. She is always there for him. She cares about how he feels (this was shown in the ending of Sonic Adventure 2.) She doesn't love him just because he is a hero. She really loves him as a person in whole! She is willing to sacrifice her life for him! She still loved Sonic even in Werehog form. He was still Sonic to her! She is beyond loyal to him. She is protective of him. I can go on and on about this. You know? Amy gives the kind of love that a mother would give to her son. Amy in a way is like my mother. She loves me like how Amy loves Sonic. I don't get to see my mom that much anymore since she works two full time jobs. She is an management assistant and an actress. Amy is all I could ever want in a woman. She's loyal, positive, never gives up on her love, strong, protective, sweet and brings unconditional love. That is why I love Amy so much. Sonic is blessed to have someone like her to love him. I really wish I had a girl like Amy love me like that? I have been praying for someone like Amy for a long time. I need someone like her to love and take care of me. After all the hardships I have been through in my life. Amy is such a wonderful woman you don't realize it? She is the kind of girl I want in life. If there was a girl like Amy that came into my life? I would cry tears of joy and I would ask her to marry me. I would settle down with her and grow old with her.

Why I support Sonamy and why I am a purist

The reason why I support Sonamy is because I am a purist. I ONLY go by what Sega and Sonic Team does only. Not DiC or Archie. I am not a purist with just the Sonic series. I am a purist on EVERY series there is. But does this mean that all spin-offs are bad? Of course not! Are you kidding? All the Mario spin-off series are great! There are many other great spin-offs as well! Just not the Sonic series. I don't like the cartoons or the comics mainly because of poor writing and little to no accuracy to the games. Before I get back to Sonamy? Many Sonic fanboys hate me for being a purist. They seem to think being a purist is for squares. I know it sucks to be a purist sometimes. But look on the bright side? At least your right! No matter how much salty fanbrats whine and hate. They CANNOT change what has happened. Sega and Sonic Team is in control of their own decisions. They don't like it? That's too bad. Anyway, now back to Sonamy.

The reasons why I support Sonamy is because I see it happening. I don't know about you guys but I studied health and psychology in school. The way Sonic acts around Amy and no one else is a sign that he loves secretly and just can't admit. I am not stupid. I KNOW when a guy likes a girl. I can tell. I can clearly tell you that Sonic LOVES Amy. He just can't admit. I know Sega is trying to pull something off? Before Amy appeared in Sonic CD. She originated in the 1992 manga of Sonic. Where she was the girlfriend of Nicky whose alter ego was Sonic (Nicky was unaware that he really is Sonic.) Yes Nicky aka Sonic and Amy were boyfriend and girlfriend. Sega brought Amy into the games as the first female and only female for a while of the series. Amy is the main girl of the Sonic series. From what I have seen through so many series. The main guy gets the main girl usually. Trust me it happens alot. Also in Sonic X, Sonamy actually is canon. In Episode 52 (this was meant to be the last episode), when Sonic comes back to his homeworld. Guess who he goes to first after he defeats Eggman? Amy! As he lets Amy rant about him, a tear can be seen forming in his eye (it's very hard to see.) Amy tells Sonic that she just wants him to say he loves her? Guess what he freaking does? He gives her a pink rose! A rare flower that often means love at first sight. Why do he do this? Also if you pay close attention to what he says while it is muted. You can basically see he is mouthing off "I love you, Amy." in Japanese. In the French version, he actually did say "I love you Amy, since always." Sonic X was being supervised by Sega and Sonic Team. They would not allow this if they didn't like Sonamy? Plus why did they even put all these hints in the games (way too many if you ask me?) Why is Amy even in the games at all if they didn't like Sonamy? I know Sega intended this. Amy is in Sonic for a reason. My point is they would have never put in Amy in the games at all if they didn't like Sonamy? They hinted it way too many times that Sonic loves Amy secretly. Especially in all these recent games. I am looking at you Unleashed, Black Knight, Chronicles, Lost World and the newly released Mario and Sonic at the Sochi Games. Bottom line is Sonic does love Amy secretly. He just can't admit. I made a guide and FAQs about Sonamy. Yes I provide sources unlike most people. Photo and Video proof as evidence. But please be advised that the guide contains huge spoilers?


So there you guys have it. That is the reason why I am the way I am. I will protect what I love. You guys cannot take away what I love. You can't take away my Christianity, you can't take away my love for Amy and you can't take away Sonamy for me. I support all these things til the very end. Now, I just hope someday a girl like Amy will love me?