I made a fan fiction series on deviantART called Equilibrium. It's an action packed comedy series that is heavily anime inspired. Equilibrium contains characters and setting from numerous video games, anime, comic books, cartoons, etc. It's actually a crossover! The series is about my Original character, Brandon who is a 19 year old struggling to be accepted by society. He was often shunned and isolated from people due him having Aspergers and him making the right choices in life. He was unpopular, unemployed and peerless including no girlfriend. He got his powers from a dying ninja who was secretly spying in him for a long time since he saw potential in Brandon. Who wished he could help people since he was so weak and defenseless. When he came home from college his house was broken into and his parents were shot. Then Brandon learned that the suspect was currently in hot pursuit. After following him an abandoned theater. Brandon in Hollow form demanded what the burglar did to his parents. Then the burglar reveals a shocking revelation. He claimed that he already killed Brandon! Revealing that he killed the ninja who gave Brandon his powers! Brandon is enraged by this and the burglar opens fire on him but he deflects the bullets with Tensa Zangetsu. The burglar couldn't decide which was worse? Being arrested or an enraged Brandon? So he jumps 50 feet out the window to his death! Then Brandon returns home and looks up at the night sky to see his deceased parents and the ninja. That is the backstory behind Brandon. 
Brandon Pixel Art

Brandon the protagonist of Equilibrium. NOTE: This image is still being colored. It will be completed with shading and the Graph paper in the background removed.

What I mean by Sonic the Hedgehog is he is a major character in the series. He is a long time friend of Brandon. Who saved him many times from Robotnik in the past. Sonic is 24 in the series. He looks the same basically only much taller as in 5ft 6in and has a neck. He also has new abilities never seen in the Sonic games before. He no longer needs the Chaos Emeralds to turn Super. He could do it manually at any time and it cancel it at anytime. Amy Rose is another major character in the series. Like Sonic, she is also much taller as in 5ft 5in and has a neck. She is 21. Her appearance is a bit different as she now has long hair down to her waist, bigger hair bangs, a different style dress but still red and she has gained quite a figure. Like Sonic she also has new abilities not seen in the games. She can use Melee attacks without the use of her Piko Piko Hammer, heal herself, make Shockwaves on the ground and even has a Super Form! Unlike Sonic's she doesn't turn yellow but a very bright pink. In her Super form, she can transform her Piko Piko Hammer into a bazooka! In the 3rd episode where she first appears in along with Sonic. Brandon develops a crush on her after she comforted him after he was breaking down emotionally due to his backstory of all the hardships he has been through. Amy reveals that Sonic confessed that he loved her and is dating her in the series! However, they still have to fight many baddies together! Including Robotnik. Tails and Knuckles appear too but only as recurring characters.