Hi guys it's YoshiWii1 here. I am feeling a little better from yesterday. Valentine's Day was very depressing day for me. All I saw were boyfriend and girlfriends having a good time, like holding hands, tapping naps under trees, hugging, kissing, etc. They all walked pass me and I was all alone depressed. I actually felt tears roll down my face as I saw many couples just loving each other. I really want a girl to love me. But I have pretty much accepted that I will never be loved by any girl. No matter how much I pray to God? I can't get anyone to love me. It's just sad because of what I have to go through because I suffer from Asperger's, Anxiety, Depression (take Zoloft for Anxiety and Depression) and......bullying. To top that all off? How about having no job, being an outcast and being all alone all the time. My dad is on life-support from his Kidney Failure, my mom works two full time jobs and is an actress. And my sister is always working and hanging out with her friends late at night.

Happy Valentines Day Sonamy

Jazwares Valentine's Day Diorama. Photo taken by YoshiWii1.


  • Question from Hedgehogsonic11: OK, Why do you dislike Sonally, and archie fans, and why do you always mention us/them when nobody metioned them?

Answer to Hedgehogsonic11: I don't "hate" them personally. But what upsets me is when these Sonally and Archie fans come onto Sega, Amy and/or Sonamy related stuff and flame/bully them. That is what is making me upset and stressed out. That is what makes me have a bad impression on them. Because they can't deal with the fact that millions of people love Sonamy and Sonic games over Archie, Sally, Sonally, etc. It reminds me when I was that *sshole I was back when Marvel VS Capcom 3/Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 was out in 2011. I realized how foolish I was to flame Marvel VS Capcom 3. I wish I could take it all back. But I learned from it. And now.....I LOVE THE GAME!

Look, I respect that you, Sacorguy, Shadowunleashed and Jokerjay like Archie. But you can't flame people that like Sonamy. If you don't like Amy or Sonamy? Don't go on it. Avoid it. Deal with the fact that they like Sonamy and Sega instead of Archie and Sonally. You also cannot force Sonally down Sonamy fans throats. That is what is also stressing me out. Sonally and Archie fans shoving related things down your throat. They CAN'T make you like it. Every Sonic fan has every right to not like Archie if they don't want to! You can't do anything about it.

You know? On deviantART, I have noticed a pattern with Sonamy haters. They will flame something and get banned. Then they will come back with a junk account and flame and get banned again. It's a never ending cycle. Most of these haters are Sally/Sonally and Archie fans doing this. Which is also making me have a bad impression on them even more. The most extreme case of this was an unnamed user who made a death threat to a Sonamy fan group. He was immediately banned from deviantART and I presume that he possibly got arrested for making death threats. This unnerved me quite a bit and I got an even more bad impression on Archie fans. Now.....I no longer feel safe around them because something like this might happen again? So there, you can blame Archie fans on deviantART for making me feel this way? They aren't trustworthy and they will hate on you for liking Sega and Sonamy. They need to understand that Sonamy fans are allowed to like what they like and there is NOTHING they can do to change that. If you guys feel uncomfortable about making disliking the way Sonally, Sally and Archie fans act towards other people? I am sorry for that. Can you honestly blame me for feeling this way?

And now for why I bring up Sonamy on unrelated things? Because when people are throwing tantrums like crazy-nut jobs over games like Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). This is making me think about how those Sonamy haters act around other people? I honestly think there is something wrong with them if they let Sonamy bother them this bad? Because any normal human being would not act the way these haters act? You know what? I actually think they may LIKE Sonamy if they go on Sonamy stuff and start spamming, trolling, flamming, bullying, etc. fans over it? Because anyone would REALLY DOESN'T like something would avoid it! I don't like Justin Bieber but I am not gonna go on his music videos and start bullying his "Beliebers" for liking Justin Bieber. I am not gonna go on Twilight or Hunger Games forums and start bullying their fanbase. Use common sense! If you don't like something? Don't go on it. Simple as that!

  • Question from Genesjs: Please take the time to thoroughly read what a person says before sharing your passionate hatred towards Archie fans and non-SonAmy supporters. You constantly bringing both of those things into numerous unrelated topics, especially when no one else even mentions either one of the two, is starting to become disruptive. If this continues, I may be forced to take action -- this is going on much longer than it needs to.

Answer to Genesis: Your beginning to make me feel like I am a tyrant like Adolf Hitler? I do NOT hate them personally. I am only against what they DO to other people. Jesus said to "Love your enemies" and I will follow what he said. Also read the last paragraph of my last answer for why I bring up Sonamy haters?

  • Question from TheUltimateSilverFan: Your hair...


Answer to TheUltimateSilverFan: My hair grows ridiculously fast. I got a haircut about 3 weeks ago and it's almost fully grown back already! There is something about my hair that is abnormal?

If you think that's weird? My feet are Size 14! Everyone is always tripping over them! But there is one good thing about have Size 14 feet? You would make a great Soccer (Football if you live outside America) player with big feet!

  • Question from Anonymous user on deviantART: Are you related to Jake Gyllenhaal?

Answer to Anonymous user: Hahahaha no! I do look alot like him though! But I am related to Jackie Gleason. He was my great cousin on my dad's side of the family but my last name is not Gleason. Jackie Gleason was the star of 50's sitcom, The Honeymooners portrayed Ralph Kramden. His character was known as a very short tempered, insult bellowing and a threatening fat husband who is often unsuccessful. His famous catchphrase was "One of these days...POW! Right in the kisser!" as he would often say to his wife, Alice. Fred Flintstone was inspired by him.

  • Question from a deviantART user: Was that you in the Greatest Freakout Ever 29 (ORIGINAL VIDEO)?

Answer to the deviantART user: Hahahahahaha! No no that wasn't me! Haha! That was Stephen Quire the Freakout Kid. He is the same guy that freaked out about his World of Warcraft account being canceled by his mom. I may have a quite a temper but at least I wouldn't break stuff, shove remotes up my butt or beat my head with shoes!

I have actually made a few fan fiction shorts of the Freakout kid. One of them starring Sonic. The next freakout fan fiction I am making is gonna be the funniest and Sonic returns in it along with Amy, Tails and Knuckles!

  • Question from a deviantART user: Who is Damnel Tiger and how did you come up with the idea of him?

Answer to the deviantART user: To those of you who don't know already this is Damnel Tiger's backstory.

A Horned Tiger from Hell. He is a self-proclaimed "God" as he is always trying to prove his demonic peers wrong. One day, he was given a pass to leave Hell by his meth-addicted school counselor. This pass allowed him to possess an innocent children's cartoon so people can bow down to him as their Lord. After his refusal to watch the show, he haunted Brandon my OC eventually transporting him to his "Toy Town." Brandon defeated the Demon with the help of the ghost of Mister Rogers. Since then, he has become a recurring villain in my fan fiction series, Equilibrium.

I came up with the idea of Damnel Tiger after seeing a children's cartoon by the name of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. I wanted to have a villain that would always try to prove his peers wrong and being a type of character that would force things upon you? I thought Daniel Tiger was a cute and creepy looking character at the time. So I thought to have him as a character that was unaware that he got possessed by a demon from hell. I designed Damnel Tiger (the demon that posses Daniel Tiger) to be both a super scary character and a very funny one at the same time. I designed him to look like a realistic tiger to appear more menacing and terrifying to the reader. After all, he is a self-proclaimed "God." Just imagine a cute innocent cartoon character being possessed by a villain like this? And eventually killing the one he possessed and tosses his body away like a rag doll?

Damnel Tiger Sketch completed

Damnel Tiger. Sketch by YoshiWii1

Question from many deviantART users: How did you come up with the idea of Brandon?

Answer: I wanted to quite an OC since everyone seemed to have one? So I came up with the idea for Brandon. I made events in his backstory similar to the things I am going through in my personal life. Like him being unpopular due to the choices he made in life. Him being unemployed and not being loved by any girl (until Amy came along in the series.)

In his backstory, Brandon wanted to protect people but he was too weak and scared to? That is when a ninja who had been spying on him for a while saw potential in him. One night after his college class, he found the ninja dying and he transferred his powers and weapons to Brandon in his dying breath. When Brandon returned home, a burglar broke into his house and killed his parents. Learning the suspect was still on the loose. He pursued him and confronted him in an abandoned theater. The burglar revealed that he also killed the ninja responsible for giving Brandon his powers. Brandon was enraged by the loss of his parents and the ninja and attempted to fight him in Hollow form. The burglar tried to kill him but failed miserably. Being scared to death the burglar couldn't decide which was worse? Being arrested or a Hollowified Brandon? So he jumped 50 feet out the window committing suicide. When he returned home, he saw the spirit of the ninja in the sky complementing him.

Brandon's design was inspired by Dante from Devil May Cry (for his weapons and outfit from DmC), Ichigo Kurosaki (for his spiritual powers) and Strider Hiryu (for his looks and hairstyle.) For his personality, its based off myself.

Equilibrium Brandon

Brandon (The Main Protagonist of Equilibrium and an Ally character in the game.) (Original Character created by YoshiWii1.) Art by YoshiWii1

  • Question from IceSeason101: What do you think about Amy Rose's current voice actor?

Answer to IceSeason101: I don't mind it. As long it as doesn't affect the gameplay? I don't care what the Sonic characters sound like? Some of you guys are need to get over the new voice actors. It's not gonna change for a while.

  • Question from a deviantART user: What that you YoshiWii1 in the Greatest Freakout Ever 29?

Answer to the deviantART user: Hahahahaha! No! That's Stephen Quire the Freakout Kid. He became an internet celebrity from the first video where he freaked out in his room about his War of Warcraft being canceled by his mom. He was flopping like a fish, squealing like a pig, shoving a remote up his butt and beating his head with a shoe!

I may have a bad temper but at least I wouldn't break stuff and shove remotes up my butt! Lol!

  • Question from IceSeason101: What is your favorite Sonic game?

Answer to IceSeason101: For the Classic era it would have to be a tie between Sonic CD, Sonic 1 and 2. Those games were amazing. Sonic CD is a masterpiece. Even though the Sega CD was a commercial failure in gaming. Sonic CD was the only reason to even play the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive add-on.

For the Modern era, it would have to be a tie between Sonic Adventure 1 and 2? Those games were also masterpieces. Since I get to play as Amy again? I cannot wait any longer for Sonic Boom the game! Since you can pick two characters to play as at a time? I am always gonna pick Sonic and Amy! Lol

  • Question from Uhohspaghhetiohs: Do you like Godzilla?

Answer: Yeah! In fact, I actually saw the official poster for Godzilla 2014. It looks promising and it's coming out on my birthday! I have a Bandai Godzilla figure too.

Feel free to ask me anymore questions! Tell me in the comments below?


Okay, so I was on deviantART and was viewing Sonic Boom 3D renders this guy was doing. I saw that the guy did an Amy 3D render. He made a mistake on the left hand by giving Amy two right hands. So what could be bad about this? Well....your about find out why? When I was about to comment on it. I saw the comments and I was like what is going on? Then I saw a guy who said he was a Sally and Sonally supporter, started flamming Sonamy which had NOTHING to do with the pic and he started spamming flame comments. He was saying that everyone who likes Amy and Sonamy is a "retard" and they are a "c*cksucker." He was bashing Amy and supporting Sally and Sonally in an Amy only deviation. People thought he was seriously crazy for acting like this and everyone was telling him to leave them alone. But he refused. So I told one of the people he was harassing to report him for spamming the comments and harassing you guys. Here's my thoughts on this?

"Wow. Just wow! If you don't like Amy? Why did you even click on the picture? If you don't like something? Don't go on it. Simple as that! Also Sonamy had nothing to do with the picture! You flamming Amy on an Amy deviation and/or flamming Sonamy on a Sonamy deviation makes you look crazy to other people! I don't like Archie but I am not gonna go on an Archie deviation and start flamming the deviation or anyone in the comments! Use common sense and don't go on things you don't like! If I was an admin? He would been banned by now."

Sacorguy, Jokerjay, Bluespeeder and Shadowunleashed? What do you think of this?