I know you guys are not gonna find this funny at all? But I just had to do it since no one else would! Rouge the Bat goes to American Jewelry and Loan from Hardcore Pawn to scam the store with a fake Chaos Emerald. Seth finds out it's fake right away but Rouge has "something else" to gave away too? This was NOT intended to insult Rouge's character. I like Rouge and I think she is awesome! For those of you who don't know? Hardcore Pawn is about a Pawn shop in Detriot, MI. It's the shop where customers find fast cash and sometimes.......LOSE THEIR MINDS! I know the show is staged since all of truTV is staged. But I want Hardcore Pawn every week because it's so funny! Some people have really done crazy stuff in that store! There are just so many funny moments that happen in that store that I can't explain them all here!