So I made a few episodes of my fan fiction series co-starring Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose with my OC, Brandon

Sonic and Amy are Brandon's best friends/closest allies and Amy is his girlfriend in the series. He knew them since he was a kid and is now an adult. Sonic and Amy are both older than Brandon but he is stronger than Sonic while Amy displaces both of them in power. Sonic is the fastest but is weakest strength wise. Brandon has the most range and projectiles. Amy is the strongest and has the most powerful Melee attacks. She has gained a Super form and can heal herself! However Sonic and Amy don't appear in every episode of Equilbrium. I have already completed three episodes they appear in so far. If you want you can read them?

Old Friend, New Love (first appearance of Sonic and Amy)

Brandon Meets the Freakout Kid (Sonic and Amy play a minor role in this episode)

Sonic.exe (Rated Mature for frightening intense scenes, gore and strong language) (First appearance of Tails, Knuckles and Eggman)

I am working on another episode co-starring them which will be completed by next week. (WARNING! If your a fan of the Archie Comics? Don't not read this episode! Eggman is the villain in it but not the main villain. The Freedom Fighters are the villains. Sonic, Tails Knuckles and Amy are not part of the FF.)

More episodes will be coming up very soon? Including a nightclub episode where an Al Capone-like mobster "lights" the dances floor on fire! An episode where Brandon finally gets a girlfriend but she seduces him just so she can eat him since she is really a spider! Another episode with a bunch of "poorly written" monsters created by a scientist. And an episode where all three of them see Equestria Girls at Midnight. But secretly Mystique from X-Men switched the films into a failed comedy to scare away the bronies so her, Juggernaut and Toad can demolish the theater to Crete a new hideout for Magneto. Stan Lee makes a cameo in the crowd cosplaying as Dr. Whooves.