That is right folks. I am back. I am back to clean up some unfinished business. I am gonna show ZERO tolerance for any kind of false information on this wiki. Apparently no one seems to do anything about all this false biased information on various things in the Sonic series. Before I became an administrator on the Greatest Freakout Ever Wiki. All I ever done was clean up after idiotic vandals with their false information. I am gonna try to do the same with this wiki. I am NOT gonna let anyone post false information on here! If I an admin here? I would ban you no questions asked. I am tired and fed up with all the lies people spread about the Sonic series. Wikipedia was not meant to be a place where people can put their own opinions on. It was meant for facts! This is gonna stop. I am tired of hearing Sonic is a homosexual, Tails is a female, Knuckles s the N word, Amy loves Shadow, etc. I am sic of these lies! I am gonna do a sweep of all biased information and fix it tote right thing that REALLY happened in the games. Prepare yourself because I will clean up all the vandalism and biased information.


Okay someone on deviantART was telling me that Silver is the son of Shadow and Amy. She said that she read Sega sources and they said they wanted Silver to be a descendant of Shadow and Amy. They NEVER said that. That is false. Looked up it and it turns out Ian Flynn a writer at Archie "thinks" that Silver descendanted from Shadow and Amy. He didn't say they are his descendants. The user must have misread it or got it from unofficial sources. Trust me, Sega NEVER said that Shadamy was real or that they wanted it. She also says that Amy is like Bulma and Ian Flynn thinks Amy is like Bulma. Wrong completely wrong. Amy is like Chi-Chi. They are both very similar personality wise. They do get pretty angry, they have huge crushes on Sonic and Goku with Chi-Chi marrying Goku, they both can put up quite a fight lol, etc.

I found this photo on a Sega forum