For those of you who were wondering were Brandon my Original character came from? This is the series he is from?



Equilibrium is an action comedy-drama made as a fan fiction series featuring OCs and many pop culture series (most notably the Sonic series). The series style was made to resemble that of late 80's to early 90's action cartoons. The series artwork is traditionally hand-drawn with digital ink.


A 19 year old boy. Who was often shunned from people due his choices in life. He was unpopular because of his refusal to do drugs, drink or break the law. He was unemployed due to the economy being so bad. He was never loved by any girl (all girls viewed him as dork.) Brandon has been through so many hardships with all these things. He would always complain to his parents about how much he is suffering? His parents would fight with him saying that he should be thankful for what he has? Brandon was often alone and sad because he was people was respect for who he is? He feel ashamed of himself since he was too scared and weak to stop bad things from happening to other people since he loves everyone no matter who they are? He wanted to protect people in order to respect him. That is when a ninja who spying on Brandon for a long time saw potential in him. Watching him from above. One night after Brandon had finished college for the night. He waited outside to be picked up. However an hour had passed by with no call or anything. Brandon gets anxious and decides to take a stroll on the streets near his college. He finds a mortally wounded ninja who claims that he watched for quite a long time. He spied on Brandon since he saw potential in him. In his dying breath he told Brandon to place his hand on him. Suddenly overwhelming him with so much power. All of the ninja's abilities, powers and weapons were all transfer to Brandon. In his final words, he wishes Brandon and that he will always be watching him. Brandon was then picked up by his older sister, asking why she can't get a hold of their parents. When they arrive home, the house is surrounded by police and paramedics taking out two bodies out of the house. A officer tells Brandon and his sister they their parents were shot by a burglar. Devastating Brandon and his sister. Then they reveal that other officers were pursing the suspect on the highway. Brandon tells his sister that he has go somewhere worrying her. Brandon decides to test out his newly acquired powers to find the burglar. When the suspect crashes, he flees into an abandoned theater escaping from the cops. He did lose them temporarily and thinking he was safe in the darken floor of the theater. Suddenly, Brandon in Hollow form appears in the dark. Startling the burglar asking him what he did to his parents. The burglar reveals that he already killed that ninja. Revealing that he killed the man responsible for giving Brandon his powers! An enraged Brandon demands what he did to his parents. The burglar answers by opening fire on Brandon who deflects the bullets with his Bankai Zanpakuto, Tensa Zangetsu. The police surround the theater ordering him to surrender. The burglar scared out of his mind can't decide which is worse? Being arrested or an enraged victims son? He decides to jump 50 feet out the window to his death. Brandon teleports back home telling his sister that the burglar has been brought to justice. Looking up in the sky, he sees the ninja's spirit in the clouds.


Equilibrium Brandon

Brandon the main character of the series

Brandon- The main character of the series. He is a big video game and anime fan. Somewhat naive, he tries his best to be a hero and to have people respect him. Everyone views him as a dork. He has Asperger's Syndrome and has tried very hard to get a job, get popular, and to get a girlfriend. Brandon is very skilled at weaponry, fighting, and swordsmanship. He also attends college for art/design and is 19 years old. Brandon got his powers from a dying ninja who was secretly spying on Brandon for a while. When his spiritual pressure is fully charged, he grows a Hollow Mask on his face. Height 5ft 10in. Age: 19

Sonic the Hedgehog- An old friend of Brandon. He is the world's fastest hedgehog and of the fastest things alive. He loves being able to do what he wants and loathes being constrained. He may be short temped at times but can't pass by someone in trouble. When he collects the seven Chaos Emeralds, he transforms into the mighty, gold Super Sonic. However, over the years he has gained the ability to go Super at anytime. Like Brandon's Hollowification Bankai, he is only Super for a limited amount of time. In his Super Form, he has a signature move called "Sonic Wind." Which is an electric cyclone that shocks and blows the enemy away into the air which Sonic finishes it with a drive into the enemy. Height 5ft 6in. Age: 24

Amy Rose- Another old friend of Brandon and later his love interest. Over the years, she has had a crush on Sonic ever since he saved her from Metal Sonic. Amy has matured in both appearance and personality, gaining long hair and a figure. Over the years, she trained with Sonic to become stronger. Amy has mastered not only her Piko Piko Hammer (which she can even transform it into a bazooka) but she is fully capable of full on Melee attacks with her bare hands. She is almost always optimistic and cheerful, and while she motivates her friends, she also proves to be a fierce foe. She could even displace Sonic in a fight! Like Sonic, she has also gained a Super form which makes her a very bright pink instead of yellow. In Super form, she can heal herself and other people. Height 5ft 5in. Age: 21

Tara- The Older Sister of Brandon and a supporting character in the series. She acts like a second mother to Brandon. Even though Brandon may not show it at times? He is really close to her. Like Brandon, she also appears in every episode while Sonic and Amy don't. Height: 5ft 4in. Age: 23


Although the city that the characters live in is unnamed. There are many other locations that are named. Such as Hell, Mt. Slushy, Fantiago Barks Nature Center, etc.

Criticism and Controversy

One of the main criticisms of Equilibrium is many users have criticized that the episodes are poorly written and "eye sore" to read. Users have pointed out that "The episodes seem to focus much more on violence and action than the actually plot." The script in the episodes is similar to what you would see in a TV episode script.

Many users also heavily disliked Brandon's character as they referred to him as an "overpowered clone of Ichigo Kurosaki." YoshiWii1 responded to the criticism saying that "Although Brandon is heavily inspired by Ichigo Kurosaki, Dante from Devil May Cry and Strider Hiryu. His backstory is not like Ichigo's. Unlike Ichigo, Brandon doesn't need to substitute his soul when he fights. Nor is he a Soul Reaper. Although he is a bit overpowered. He is a very emotional character. He does a have a heart and wishes for people to respect him?"

The series had to go under heavy censorship on both deviantART and the Sonic Fanon Wiki. Mainly due to its violent content and coarse language. Sexual content is on the mild to moderate side. The episodes are rated TV-14LV while two of them so far are rated TV-MA.


Despite the criticisms and controversies. The series was recognized by many users on deviantART. Mostly Sonic fans. It is currently a hit and it gained popularity and quite a few views for creator YoshiWii1.

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