That is right folks. deviantART is officially the worst site for information about Sonic. It makes Wikipedia look like George Washington's Cheery Tree truth. Everything that happened in Sonic according to other users on deviantART is 100% lies. I will tell you guys some examples:

  • Sonic is a robot created by Eggman.
  • Tails is Sonic's little girlfriend.
  • Eggman was a high school dropout.
  • The Sega Genesis Sonic games were also released on Game Boy.
  • Knuckles was a n***** that lived in Africa with his fellow n**** echidnas.
  • Sonic X-Treme was a Sega Genesis game released in 2000.
  • Amy Rose is Sonic's sister.
  • Shadow was created by Eggman on Mobius and hit on Maria Robotnik. Eggman's sister.
  • Sally and the Freedom Fighters are the main characters in the games.
  • Chris has a bi popular diorder.
  • Silver is the son of Shadow and Amy according to the Sega producers.

I can't believe other users actually believe this garbage. I can't believe the amount of bull would come of these fruitcakes mouths. I have had enough. If of these gets posted on the articles? I am removing it and I will tell the admins to ban the user. I am tired of these lies. The end.