DON'T PLAY A GAME SERIES CALLED SONIC THE HEDGEHOG. Man this crap is so wrong on so many freakin' levels yo. I was talkin' to one of my Steam friends and he sent me 3 games with the name only labeled "Sonic the Hedgehog". I said to this dude, "What is this crap?" He just giggles and says, "Just play it. And make sure NOBODY is around when you're playing it." Then I thought it was some kiddie game or some crap but as I played the first game I was like "Yooooo, what the freak?" Then I continuted playing the game and I was like "YOOOO!" And then I destroyed a fat guy's airplane whatever and I was like "YOOOOOOO!" I couldn't believe what I just freakin' played. It was like the devil made a game. Crap was so disturbing. Yet I couldn't stop playing it. Then I started game 2 and there were two of them. Those characters. Those. Characters. And the bad dude trapped all the animals and "YOOOO!" And then the yellow one started flying and "YOOOOOO!" This crap was so freakin' disturbing it's like Mario was there and he went so freakin' fast and I was like "YOOOO0OO!" It was so messed up and creepy but you just kept playing it. And that's what I freakin' did. And then I played Game 3. Three characters. THREE. There was THHHHRRRRREEEEEEEE. Knuckles was his name. Knuckles was his freakin' name. Oh my god I ain't going up there dudes. I already sold my soul to the devil with this game. So I just wanna tell yo all RIGHT FREAKIN' NOW. DON'T PLAY A GAME SERIES CALLED SONIC THE HEDGEHOGDon't do it guys. Just remember what I'm sayin to you guys.

Disclaimer: This is all a joke. This is a parody of the video "Don't Watch a Cartoon Called My Little Pony" by MrPoniator. Don't take any of this seriously. I love the Sonic game series. It's one of my favorite game series to date.