Just wanted to make some Christmas shout-outs to everyone here that is regular or I've met. I'll add more during the rest of the month.
  • BlazeChance1: You're the first person who really noticed that I came here besides PKMN.
  • FreeSmudger: You have inspired me to work hard.
  • CesarTeamHYRO: You have inspired me to work on my drawing skills.
  • MetalShadow272: You have inspired me to share my ideas publically.
  • Sacorguy79: You've inspired me to make the end count.
  • PKMN The Hedgehog: You were my 1st friend here.
  • HyperHearts58: You made one of my favorite wikis (Central Sonic Fan Bureau) that's not as corrupt as the Fannon wiki.
  • Mewkat14, Time Biter, and Myself123: You guys make awesome sprite comics!
  • SonicTheHedgehogDude: You made me remember not to forget to apologize.
  • Guess Who: Even though he's not here anymore, he made an awesome wiki!

More coming soon!