Sonic21BirthdaySonic's 21 today! I have a lot of sutff planed, and I'm ready to show it!

A Breifing of Our Blue Hero

Classic Era

It's now been 21 years since our favorite blue friend has been on gaming systems, and he had revolutionised games with his speed in the original 1991 game Sonic the Hedgehog. This game begins the classic trend of fighting as he was called back then in the U.S. Dr. Robotnik and freeing the trapped animals. With the second game, he was introduced a sidekick that has almost always been on his side now during an adventure, and the transformation Super Sonic, a yellow variation of Sonic that has it's quills up and is invincible. This game was the best-seller for the Sega Genesis. Sonic CD, the big hit for the Sega CD, introduced Amy Rose and one of Sonic's greatest rivals, Metal Sonic. When we got to Sonic 3, they had introduced the final member of Team Heroes, Knuckles. He was originally a villian, but in Sonic and Knuckles, he became one of Sonic's best friends. With Sonic and Knuckles, you could lock it on to Sonic 3 or Sonic 2 to get Knuckles in Sonic 2 or Sonic 3 and Knuckles. The lock-on Sonic 3 and Knuckles introduced Hyper Sonic, a faster, flashing Super Sonic. Many other games had came out back during those games and a bit later that were not canon to the Sonic series such as Sonic Spinball, Sonic R, and many more games.

Dreamcast Era

When Sega got to making the Dreamcast, they knew that Sonic would need a redesign for the transaction in 3D. That had became Modern Sonic. Starting with Sonic Adventure, all the classic characters had some sort of redesign. That game was one of the first truly 3D graphic games. This game had introduced Team Rose member Big, the E-100 series, and Chaos, one of the most known Sonic villians. 2 years later, for Sonic's 10th birthday, they had made Sonic Adventure 2, said to be one of the best Sonic games around. Introducing the 2nd most popluar character and another great rival, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Rouge the Bat. This game is also noted to be one of the darkest Sonic games. The following months, the Dreamcast hardware was discontinued because of bad sales, and had made the 2003 game the first Sonic game to be multi-platform that was not on a Sega console. This game had introduced E-123 Omega, the final of the E-100 series and Shadow's sidekick. This game had Metal Sonic as the main villian, making it his first game as the main villian. Shadow had got his own game 2 years later, and was the darkest of the Sonic games.

Modern Era

What people say to be the worst game of the Sonic series starts this era up: Sonic 2006. Introducing the last of the 3 main rivals Silver, Elise, Iblis, and the fan-favorite villian Mephilies. This game is infamous for it's glitches and many other parts of the game.In 2008, the game Sonic Unleashed came out. Debuting a new form of Sonic called the Werehog, this game was prasied for it's Daytime stages, but bashed for it's Night-time stages. In 2010, the game Sonic Colours came out, and was a hit. Using colorful Skittle Rejects Wisps and their powers to get through stages, it's was claimed to be the best Sonic game in a while. But the following year, 2011, Sonic Generations had came out. Mixing Modern and Classic Sonic into one game, visiting stages from the past, this game was a hit.


Sonic debuted on the Sega Genesis, right? The top-selling game for the Sega Genesis, Sonic 2, is being remade by a fan team at no profit to play. I have got an interview from the maker of the fan-game for Sonic's 21 Anniversary.

Q1. If you were to work on more, what other zones would be your first priority?

A.Chemical Plant and Death Egg were next in our schedule, due their connection of tiles and Metablocks. Upon those, all remaining zones following the game's order.

Q2. With Knuckles originally planned, what do you think would be how you unlock him?

A.Just a couple of ideas were gathered: The most accredited one was a simple unlock by completing the game with Tails, while the other idea was to actually fight him in Hidden Palace zone, similar to Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

Q3. How much did you have done but had to throw away because LOst left and the incident that made you quit?

A.Except some minor Hill Top zone items, a sketched Chemical Plant background and some 3d models for Synergy's special stage engine, everything we had created were shown in the Alpha Release and the following changelogs.

Q4. If the game was finished, would the game have Level Select and how'd you unlock it?

A.Similar to the original game, by playing a certain sound sequence (relative to Sonic 2 HD release date) in the options screen.

Q5. If you were to finish the game, about how long would you suspect it to take for us to get the complete game?

A.It is rough guessing. With January 2011's Team S2HD, a year and half should had been enough if bound by a commercial offer from SEGA.

Q6. If you were to re-make any other classic Sonic game, what would it be?

A. Sonic CD without any doubt.

Q7. Finally, if you could add anything new to Sonic 2 HD that Sonic 2 didn't have, what would it be?

A.Multiplayer and brand new zones created by Team S2HD. With Tom Fry's artistic direction I know you can't simply tell any difference from the genuine surreal environments of classics and brand new content.