Sonic Uncaged

Essencially a sequel to Sonic Unleashed, this game would have you was Sonic and Werehog, again in the day/night cycle, to defeat Eggman and a reformed Dark Gaia to save Earth/Mobius/Whatever Planet The Games Are On. Sonic gameplay would be as it was in Sonic Lost World, with parkour to run up buildings and on their sides while still very fast. Werehog would feature gameplay focused on platforming at a speed not too fast or too slow for a Sonic game. Around the speed of Sonic in the original games.

Sonic & All-Stars Fighting

A new entry in the All-Stars series. Featuring all the characters previously featured in the All-Stars games, along with new characters such as Silver, Bayonetta, and more. Fighting would be presented in a similar way as it was in Sonic the Fighters. There would be 5 fighting types, Speed, Strengh, Power, Shield, and Mixed.

Chaotix 2

A sequel to Knuckles Chaotix, the levels are a mix between Werehog stages in Sonic Unleashed and the Chaotix stages in Sonic Heroes. Featuring all of the original Chaotix along with newcomers Ray, Bean, and Bark. The story is that Cream and Chesse have gone missing, and it is the Chaotix's job to overcome all challenges to find them. It is the Chaotix's job to Knuckles is featured as a side character that acts as a "help guide" in stages.

Shadow 2: Through Time

A sequel/spin-off from the events of Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic Generations, Shadow and Silver go back in time to stop a myserious from destroying the present day. Along the way they encounter familiar and new faces. The game is an open-world game, with missions for Shadow often involving exploring the city and defeating enemies, while Silver is more of area-based missions finding clues and other things to help stop the myserious force.

So, what are your thoughts on these game ideas? What are some of your own game ideas? Please leave a comment down below! Have a merry Christmas!