UPDATE: New comic "Sonic in Real-Life" delayed until tomorrow. Following comics will follow normal schedule (seen below). Also, please read the message below. Thank you for understanding. And if you actually finished this part, thank you for wasting about the past 30 seconds reading this and hopefully enjoy wasting another minute reading the following paragraph. So you might be wondering right now, "Why has this boy made a blog just for one little comic he must be really stoo-pid" or something along those lines, and my responce is: There. Will. Be. More. Every other day (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) for two weeks (so from when I am writing this, July 28, to August 8), I will update this blog with another one-shot comic involving Sonic & friends. By the end of this there will be 6 comics, with no real connection besides that they are here and made by yours truly, The Shadow Of Darkness, the most awesome person to ever live, and that they are the most random ideas for a Sonic comic I (or someone else) can come up with. If for some reason you have read all this boring informational stuff, here's a cookie and if so please respond in the comments "I survived the long boring dialogue that was on the top of the page". So enjoy the comic (or comics depending on when you are reading this) and enjoy! Wait, did I say that already? Nevermind. Just enjoy and comment please.

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