Hey guys, Darkness here. I just wanted to say a few things for right now.

  1. I have made a fan-fic series that I am sad that not many see so I can't get feedback on how to improve and stuff like that, so I have a link to all current 10 issues right here: and a tralier to issue 11 on this blog.
  2. I have a Youtube and deviantART account now: Youtube: BakuDrago2001 and deviantART: SCPDarkness
  3. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 2 Review:
  • Gameplay: Nice, smooth gameplay. Nice new game elements such as the Rolling Combo. No Homing Attack as Tails though can get frustrating sometimes if you're used to playing as Sonic.
  • Story: Cool story, but you will need Episode Metal to completly understand how Metal Sonic's back.
  • Level and Boss Design:
  • Sylvania Castle: Smooth level design. Easy but hard at the same time. Good way to start off a game. Boss: Nice boss. Defidentally harder than the first boss in Episode 1.
  • White Park: It's a pretty "cool" level, merging Carnival Night with Ice Cap. Boss: Could've been harder, but still fun.
  • Oil Desert: Hard if I say the least. Sandstorms, quicksand, and going in oil makes this one of the hardest zones in the game. Boss: Man, is this boss easy and hard at the same time. Sand and boxes falling on you will make you rage at this boss a lot.
  • Sky Fortress Zone: Nice little homage to Wing Fortress from Sonic 2, but first act is a bit easy. Boss: This boss is very, very, hard. It will drive you crazy and make you lose lives over and over and over again!
  • Death Egg mk. II: Easy if you know how to do it correctally.
  • Rating: 8.5, out of 10

That's all guys! See ya later! UesRw==The Shadow of Darkness ShadowTheHedgehogDarkness"Live and Learn!"

Sonic Universal Mobius Under Siege00:45

Sonic Universal Mobius Under Siege

Issue 11 Teaser, No Sound