Whatttttttttttttttt? Darkness is making a non-poll blog? That's madness (cue This is Sparta! joke). But yeah. So what this is, is that I'm looking at the plots of movies when you throw Sonic in the middle of the story. This is the first one I'm making. Warning, there may be spoilers for the movie's plot. Enjoy!

The Dark Knight Rises

Scene: The Final Battle - Batman VS Bane

Batman fights Bane for a bit. And then out of nowhere, Sonic shows up. Sonic punches Bane in the stomach. Bane feels nothing. Bane flicks Sonic into the wall. 

"Stop hurting Batman, Bane, and fight me like a man!" Sonic shouts to Bane. Bane walks up to him. He pushes him and Sonic loses all his rings.

"When you are out of rings, then, you have my premission to lose a life," Bane tells Sonic. Sonic spin-dashes into Bane and pushes him onto the ground. 

"Can I like, leave, or something, because, well, it seems like you will die without me, but can I go save Gotham?" Batman asks Sonic as he is effortly beat up by Bane. Batman eventully walks out of the building and realized how much time was wasted. The bomb blows up and everyone in Gotham dies. The end.

The Wolverine

Scene: Wolverine VS Thugs on a Bullet Train

Wolverine is hanging on for his life as he attempts to beat up thugs trying to kill him. Then, Sonic jumps onto the train.

"Hey Wolfie, I just got out of a new quill design, do ya like it?" Sonic asked Wolverine. His quills look like Silver's. "Silver's quills are 'in' now."

"Actually they're really ugly," Wolverine says as a guy passes him because he fell off the train. Suddenly, one of the thugs trying to kill Wolverine stabs him. "GAH!" Wolverine starts flying back.

Sonic looks towards the back of the train. He sees a guy trying to get him. "Don't worry, I'll get him!" Sonic yells to Wolverine. He runs towards the back of the train. He jumps to do a Homing Attack, but as he jumped and the train is moving, he flies back, into the street.

He lands in front of Mega Man. "What'd you do to your hair? It kinda looks like a leaf now," Mega Man asks Sonic. 

"I'm okay, thank's a lot," Sonic states. Then they go to the hospital and get chilli dogs and everything's fine. The end.

Equestria Girls

Scene: Mane 6 VS Sunset Shimmer

As the 6 best friends start turing into human-pony things due to the Elements of Harmony, one of the students named Sonic start to glow. As the girls go all Power Rangers and shout what they are, Sonic is just standing there.

"Element of... what exactly? Why am I even glowing? I'm calling witchcraft of that Twilight girl over there! That's why I voted for Sunset Shimmer, even though she's now some demon thing." Everyone looks at Sonic.

"You're an Element of Harmony, and you voted for my opposition that is about to invade my home world!" Twilight shouts at Sonic. Sonic grows quills and a tail.

"NO! I don't wannna go through witchcraft puberty! It's bad enough that my eye colors changed but now this? Why the world hate me so much!" Sonic shouts. Twilight and her friends start arguing with Sonic. Sunshet Shimmer gets bored, so she goes to invade Equestria. When they are done arguing, Twilight looks around.

"Where'd Sunset Shimmer go?" Twilight asks.

"She went in that statue over there," the janitor tells Twilight. They all go through the portal and turn back into ponies, except for Sonic, who turns into a hedgehog. They find Equestria in ruins.

"Oh great now I'm a hedgehog?! Stop with your witchcraft woman! GAH!" Sonic shouts at Twilight. He runs off, confused and angry as the girls stare at a ruined Equestria because one person argured about witchcraft. The end.