Would anyone like to see a Sonic movie or a movie series? I'd like to see a movie of Sonic if it has a story based off the games. Anyone else? Here is what I'd like to see:

Sonic: The Blue Blur Plot

Sonic 1: Sonic lives in Green Hill. Green Hill is threatened by Dr. Robotnik when he says he'll combine Earth with Mobius if they don't join him. Everyone refuses so he roboticised everyone but he couldn't get Sonic with his Roboiticizer Ray.Robotnik says he'll meet Sonic in Scrap Brain and if he doesn't, he'll kill his uncle and the rest of his family. Sonic accepts his chalenge, rusing from Green Hill, Marble Zone, Star Light Zone, and Spring Yard Zone to get there. Once he's there, he uses the Egg Wrecker with Spikes attached to the wrecking ball. Sonic defeats Robotnik easily and Robotnik sends him to the Laybrinth Zone. But before he is sent there, Robotnik's light from his Egg-Mobile falls out, being revealed to be a Chaos Emerald. He then grabs it as he is shot to the Laybrinth Zone. He is then saved by Tails, Bunnie, Sally, and Rotor, who had been looking for new members for the Freedom Fighters. They look into the horizon, and they see Emerald Hill, Tails' hometown. They then tell Sonic that there going to need his emerald. Sonic asks why they need the emerald. Tails and Sally then told him the importance of the Chaos Emeralds and why they need them. Sonic then realizes that his hometown isn't the only one that has been threatened. He then joins the Freedom Fighters.

Sonic 2: Sonic and the Freedom Fighters rush to Emerald Hill in the Tornado X10*.The Tornado X10* crashes into Emerald Hill. Tails jumps off the plane right once it crashes, saying," I need to do something important. I'll meet you guys in Hill Top Zone." The Freedom Fighters fall through the ground, and land on the grounds of a Chemical Plant. They spped through the area, and find Robotnik near the exit. They fight Robotnik and they suceed, but Robotnik takes their emerald, and destroys the ground of the Chemical Plant, and they fall into the water.They find their way back to the exit through the Big Mac. The find themself in the Aquatic Ruin Zone. They spped through threw the zone but Rotor and Bunny is captured by Robotnik's henchmen, Grounder, Kiki, and Cluck. Robotnik says that Mobius will be merged with Earth and he'll roboticize everyone on the new planet just to capture Sonic, starting withe Bunnie and Rotor, unless they met him in Hill Top Zone. Sonic and Sally then go there and find Robotnik on a clift, with a new robot. That new robot was Silver Sonic. Sonic and Silver Sonic then battle face-to-face and Sonic destroys Silver Sonic. Robotnik angerly shot the ground under him, and it colapsed. Tails swiftly comes in and saves Sonic from death. Tails tells Sonic that Emerald Hill is a wasteland now, and they can't go back. The two set of and go to Angel Island, hoping to find more Freedom Fighters.

Sonic 3: Coming Soon!

Sonic CD:Coming Soon!

Sonic and Knuckles: Coming Soon!

Sonic R: Coming Soon!

Not an Adaption(NaA)#1- The Death Egg: Coming Soon!

Sonic 4: Coming Soon!

NaA #2- The Final Coundown: Coming Soon!


Sonic- Jaleel White

Tails- Amy Palant

Knuckles- Drake Bell

Amy- Cindy Robinson

Dr Robotnik- Mike Pollock

Sally- Jennifer Douillard

Rotor- Mark Ballou

Bunnie- Brenda Song


Rated PG: For mild language,mild violence,and crude humor.

Games Adapted

Sonic 1: All zones appear, the main ones being Green Hill and Laybrinth Zone. The Egg Wrecker is used in Scrap Brain instead of Green Hill Zone. No boss battles appear in any other zones. Only Motobugs and Buzzbombers appear in the Sonic 1 zones.

Sonic 2: Most zones appear, the main ones being Chemical Plant, Hill Top, and the Death Egg.

The Fastest Thing Alive: The Sonic Movie Trilogy Soundtrack Collection


His World (Crush 40), His World(the other one), and Golden Rings- Sonic

Believe in Myself- Tails

New Divide and Unknown from M.E. (SA1)- Knuckles

Sonic Heroes- The Freedom Fighters

Tecnologic and Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger- Metal Sonic

Black and Yellow- Metal Sonic 3.0

Blow- Rouge

Live and Learn, I Am All Of Me, and Iridecent- Shadow

Open Your Heart- Chaos

What I'm Made Of- Werehog

Dreams Of An Absolution- Silver


There are 2 sequels to the movie:

Sonic 2: Adventure: This movie is based off the Dreamcast era and countiues a month after the events of Sonic: The Blue Blur. It features movie adaptions of Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes, and the Sonic Riders titles.

Sonic 3: World, Time, and Space: This film is based off the current Modern era and coutinues 6 months after Sonic 2: Adventure. It features adaptions of Sonic '06, Sonic Unleashed, Sonic and the Secret Rings, Sonic and the Black Knights, Sonic Colors, and Sonic Generations.


Team Chaotix: A 35-minute short film that features the forming of the Chaotix and an adaption of the game Knuckles Chaotix. Bean, Fang, and Bark will be featured as Chaotix members. It takes place during the Sonic CD events of Sonic: The Blue Blur.

Shadow: The Ultimate Life Form: A 1 hour and 15 minute movie foucused on Project: Shadow, an adaption of the game Shadow The Hedgehog, and what happens after the adaption of Shadow The Hedgehog and before Sonic 3: World, Time, and Space. The main events takes place 3/12 months after Sonic 2: Adventure.