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  • I live in New Mobotropolis
  • I was born on May 7
  • My occupation is student
  • I am All of me!!!!!!!!
  • Thunder the Hedgehog

    HEEeeyy. Can you believe it? I can’t my one year anniversary on SNN. Over a thousand edits, a possible apocalypse, an Olympics, tragedy, and three hundred sixty five days later, here we are. I’m remembering my first couple days on SNN. I was pretty bad at editing. I needed a lot of help, and luckily you guys gave it to me. I bet I was irritating at sometimes, like all kids were, and I am sorry for that. Recently I haven’t been on the Wiki that much, because of school and high school applications. And Doctor Who. Wow, that thing took over my life. I’ve changed a lot since I first started SNN. I turned another year older; I started focusing on my music a lot, I applied to a bunch of schools, I moved, and I hope I matured. I am graduating fro…

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  • Thunder the Hedgehog

    10) | Eggmobile. The first appearance of the Eggmobile (wrecking ball)]] Eggmobile wrecking ball. The original boss. This boss is EXTREMELEY easy but one of my favorites especially because it is Eggmans first creation against sonic we have seen.

    9) Silver Sonic. One of my favs because this is the FIRST Metal Sonic. The first time Eggman decided to use a robot hedgehog to defeat the true and blue Sonic. This of course failed miserably.

    8) Egg Viper. One of the hardest bosses of Sonic Adventure. This boss combines tricky homing attacks with lasers, with falling platforms. The final Suicide attack proves how much this boss trys to kill you, which a true boss should.

    7) Sonic Generations Shadow

    One of the most fun bosses in the game. I can’t stop sm…

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  • Thunder the Hedgehog

    I realized that last night, (may 22) I caused alot of confusion and i ma sorry about that. I will not run for any promotions and will just stay a normal Thunder. I am sorry for any confusion.Thunder the Hedgehog 00:35, May 23, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Thunder the Hedgehog

    Hey paty peoples! Thunder here and if you didnt hear it last night here are the winners of Comic off! There were good comics but one was the best of all! And the results are...

    • Best Punchline: Time Biter
    • Best pose: Lightning the hedgehog: MetalShadow272
    • Most complicated sprite: Sonic the Hedgehog's head exploding: Mewkat14
    • Best quality: Time Biter
    • Best Cast: Sly the Fox
    • Randomest:MetalShadow272

    The tie for third place is...




    And now... the winner of comic off...........

    'Time Biter!!!

    Thunder: Why did you start making sprite comics?

    Time Biter: Well I just thought they were cool. Kinda underwhelming, right?

    Thunder the Hedgehog: Not really.

    Thunder: what was your favorite comic you have ever made?

    Time Biter: I guess …

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  • Thunder the Hedgehog

    Hey guys, I was taking a break from Spriting because of exams and schoolwork, and all that jazz. So here is a new comic arc in honor of the Avengers!

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