HEEeeyy. Can you believe it? I can’t my one year anniversary on SNN. Over a thousand edits, a possible apocalypse, an Olympics, tragedy, and three hundred sixty five days later, here we are. I’m remembering my first couple days on SNN. I was pretty bad at editing. I needed a lot of help, and luckily you guys gave it to me. I bet I was irritating at sometimes, like all kids were, and I am sorry for that. Recently I haven’t been on the Wiki that much, because of school and high school applications. And Doctor Who. Wow, that thing took over my life. I’ve changed a lot since I first started SNN. I turned another year older; I started focusing on my music a lot, I applied to a bunch of schools, I moved, and I hope I matured. I am graduating from middle school this year, and this is a pretty big change, leaving middle school, going to high school, even though I am not sure what one that will be yet. This has been an amazing year. I’ve made so many new friends. All of you guys are awesome. You are some of the funniest, nicest people I have ever met. I am glad to have known you, and I am looking forward to another year.

Thank you all. 

-Thunder the Hedgehog