10) | Eggmobile. The first appearance of the Eggmobile (wrecking ball)]] Eggmobile wrecking ball. The original boss. This boss is EXTREMELEY easy but one of my favorites especially because it is Eggmans first creation against sonic we have seen.

Classic Bosses Sonic the Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone Boss00:47

Classic Bosses Sonic the Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone Boss

9) Silver Sonic. One of my favs because this is the FIRST Metal Sonic. The first time Eggman decided to use a robot hedgehog to defeat the true and blue Sonic. This of course failed miserably.

Deathegg sonic2

8) Egg Viper. One of the hardest bosses of Sonic Adventure. This boss combines tricky homing attacks with lasers, with falling platforms. The final Suicide attack proves how much this boss trys to kill you, which a true boss should.

Sonic Adventure DX - Egg Viper & Ending (Sonic)09:23

Sonic Adventure DX - Egg Viper & Ending (Sonic)

7) Sonic Generations Shadow

One of the most fun bosses in the game. I can’t stop smiling facing him. An epic fight between two hedgehogs.

Sonic Generations Boss Shadow06:09

Sonic Generations Boss Shadow

Shadow - Hard Mode

6)Time Eater. A great boss being the end to a great game. An original twist of adding Classic Sonic to join you in a 3-D fight. The first truly original level in the game and in my opinion the game’s best boss.

Sonic Generations Final Boss Time Eater06:12

Sonic Generations Final Boss Time Eater

Time Eater - Final Boss

5) Solaris. A great boss battle, and a great idea combining Super Shadow, Super Silver with Super Sonic. The idea is great, destroying the beast in the past present and future, and of course great music, especially part twos music. A round about great boss in a not so great game. &nbsp Solaris Form2

Sonic Colors Final Boss MAJOR SPOILERS05:30

Sonic Colors Final Boss MAJOR SPOILERS

The battle with the Nega-Wisp Armor on Wii.

Egg Nega wisp. The best boss in Sonic Colors. A boss that had me stand up and say at the end “BEST BOSS YET!” The perfect combination of attacks music and the wisps joining in the end, one more level of awesomeness. One great boss.

3) Perfect Chaos. One of the best bosses in the Sonic Games. Everything in that fight is great. Enough said. SGPerfectChaos

Final Boss The Final Hazard03:22

Final Boss The Final Hazard

. This fight is EPIC. Super Sonic and Super Shadow combined to bet the heck out of this beast. Live and Learn my favorite Sonic song was born in this fight, a fight so legendary it killed the perfect life form. A great Fight.

1) Dark Gia. My FAvorite boss EVER. The way sonic beats him with chip with the boxing, true sonic levels combined with one of the best Super Sonic, this battle is LEGENDARY. The music is amazing, making you want to sing along, and amazing graphics no matter which console you have.
Sonic Unleashed - 360 - Dark Gaia07:32

Sonic Unleashed - 360 - Dark Gaia

The Dark Gaia battle in the 360/PS3 version.

Sonic Unleashed (Wii) - Dark Gaia (Last Boss)06:45

Sonic Unleashed (Wii) - Dark Gaia (Last Boss)

Wii Version