It all started in Central City.The home of our heros.Sonic and Tails were looking at what made the last city blow up." Maybe it was the black arms " said Tails." Look Tails we have like three bad guys, Eggman, Mephiles and Amy " said Sonic." Amy? " asked Tails.Sonic said nothing.Tails walked to the phone." Who are you calling " asked Sonic." Shadow and Twilight " said Tails." Why " asked Sonic." Because " said Tails.He typed Shadow's number.It was Twilight who anwered." Twilight the cat here how can I help you " he meowed." Twilight, where's Shadow " asked Tails." How the heck I know " said Twilight." Well Twilight do you know about Black doom being alive " asked Tails." You mean puppet guy, yes I do know " said Twilight." Well tell me " said Tails.Twilight talked about the Black arms." Don't need to know your whole life story but thanks " said Tails.He hanged up the phone." So " asked Sonic." Let's go to Knight town " said Tails." Knight town? " said Sonic.Tails nodded.Off they went to Knight town.They saw Twilight." Hi " shouted Twilight." What are you doing here " asked Sonic." Well the same reason " said Twilight.They went to the History store." Hi Mr. Sonic " said Cream." Hi " said Sonic.Cream smiled." If your looking for black arm books go to the right then turn left " she said.Tails found the black arm books.Sonic walked to Tails.Twilight walked out the door.He saw the black arms." Remember to strike the people of Knight town " said Doom's eye." I don't think so Mr. Starfish " wispered Twilight.