aka Thunder, Kelly or Hazel XD

  • I live in Australia
  • My occupation is Drawing and being random
  • I am Female
  • Thundertails14

    I thought I would make a blog to show my drawings to other users, I enjoy doing drawings so I felt like putting them here. I sometimes might do gifts for people so keep a look out because it might be your character i've drawn, ok :)

    Drawings i've done of the offical characters 

    none at the moment...

    Cesar the Hedgehog, Jay Fox (i'm working on all gifts and requests now)

    Tikal the Echidna (maybe)

    Shadow the Hedgehog (sketch only)

    SonSam, TaiLy

    All gifts and requests I am working on right now, I shall finish them soon ^^...sorry that they're taking awhile but i'm very busy....

    When I finish a new drawing i'll post it here, so yeah I will add more, I hope yous all will like them anyway enjoy.

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