I thought I would make a blog to show my drawings to other users, I enjoy doing drawings so I felt like putting them here. I sometimes might do gifts for people so keep a look out because it might be your character i've drawn, ok :)

Offical Characters

Drawings i've done of the offical characters

Threetails the Fox

Threetails is a 14 year old fox that is the guardian of the Silent Planet (her home planet), she is the sister of Dexter the Fox and River the Fox and the cousin of Pancakes the Fox. She is the strongest and most powerful person on her planet. Since she's my main character I thought that she should have her own gallery.


Pixel is a hologram/computer that is close friends with Threetails and is her loyal sidekick, she is able to hack into any computer ever created and is also able to create small amouts of electricity. She is usually in her cat form but when something bad is about to happen she then turns into her computer form. No one really knows about her past.

Arthur Firefly

One of the greatest warriors that ever lived on the Silent Planet (Threetails's home planet), he died while trying to protect his children (Threetails, Dexter and River) from Eggman. Since he's a very important character of mine, he should have his own gallery

My Other Fan Characters

Some of my other fan characters, I enjoy drawing everyone of them :)

My Characters' Super Forms

This is a gallery of my characters with super, hyper, guardian and any other forms there are....

Other users fan characters

Gifts and requests i've done for friends, I enjoy making pictures for friends :D


Drawings of sonic couples, I will be doing lots of different couples

Random Drawings

Random drawings of my characters, that I just do for fun.

Drawings coming soon

My Characters:

none at the moment...

Other peoples Characters:

Cesar the Hedgehog, Jay Fox (i'm working on all gifts and requests now)

Offical Characters:

Tikal the Echidna (maybe)

Shadow the Hedgehog (sketch only)


SonSam, TaiLy


All gifts and requests I am working on right now, I shall finish them soon ^^...sorry that they're taking awhile but i'm very busy....

Just one more thing

When I finish a new drawing i'll post it here, so yeah I will add more, I hope yous all will like them anyway enjoy.