It's time! We are going to do a countdown to the first issue of Checkpoint (My new comic series)! I am going to show you all my comics- starting with #1 and ending at the new #20! I will show you my comments on each comic. Let the celebration... begin!

Comic -1

This was my first comic. It got good reception. The joke, that is. I wasn't too proud of it though. It was a learning expirience for my comics. This comic is bitter-sweet to me.

Comic -2

Hm... Reception was meh, but at least the background was better.

Comic -3

This is the comic I am proud of. The only bad thing is... the text. Still, I'm proud of this comic.

Comic -4-2

The last panel makes me lul.

Comic -5

I think this is funny, but there were no comments...

Comic -6

This...This was the start of greatness. This was the beggining of a great trilogy.

Comic -7

My favorite part is the TRUE punchline. But, most people liked the general plot of it. There's nothing wrong with that though.

Comic -8

I just wish the text was easier to see.

Comic -9

Well, this was a majr step in my comic career, considering I did the speech bubbles right.

Comic -10

I hoped people would get the terminator reference. Turns out, they didn't know what it was. The wiki background was made by Supermorff.

Comic -11

I like this one, because someone asked ME to use their fan-character.

Comic -12

This trilogy... Was loved by all. I even made it a five-part story due to popular demand.

Comic -13

I love this comic. Especially the part with possesed Amy.

Comic -14

I think this is the first comic featuring the W.C.O.

Comic -15

This trilogy is close to scrapped. I made this mainly because of the Tails Doll drama going on at the time.

Comic -16

The sequal to the Chao Garden comic. I want to do comics like this more often. I've always liked my Chao Garden ideas.

Comic -17

Comic -18

This was the conclusion. Apperantly, the users' favorite thing about it was Tails being in love with Rouge.

Comic -19

I'm starting to get more ideas than I can handle. I'm not sure if I'll ever finish it.

20th Comic!

I hope people get the joke.

And there you go. Please add a comment. And I will see you again in the new issue of Checkpoint!