So, there has been a lot a hatred and fear towards the Tails Doll. You should also be ashamed of spreading rumors about Tails Doll by saying he's cursed and saying he wants to devour souls. I have set up an interview with him to clear his name. I will also write comments to his questions.


Me: So. Tails Doll. Do you have any hobbies?

Tails Doll: Devouring souls.

Comment: Sounds fun!

Me: What was your reaction when you found out you would be a major part of an Archie Comic?

Tails Doll: I was so happy, I devoured some souls.

Comment: Glad you're happy!

Me: How do you fell about the people who spread those nasty rumors?

Tails Doll: I want to devour they're souls.

Comment: I'm glad you forgive them!

Me: Do you have any relationships? Ya' know... Like a Cosmo Doll?

Tails Doll: Yes, but I devoured her soul.

Comment: I'm sure you will be very happy together!


So you see. Tails Doll is regular, and the only thing on his mind is not devouring souls.