Hey guys! It's me, Time Biter! I made those comics that no one made, remember?

But you're not here about that, you're here for the title! You're probably, wondering, "What is SNN Lost, and why should I care?" Well, SNN Lost is a community project, similar to SNN Hunger Games from the a while back. Basically, SNN Lost is where users pick someone, anyone, could be a Fan Character, Original Character, or TV Show character: Anyone, to be your avatar. Your avatar will represent you in a sprite comic.

"But what is the comic about?" Well, if you've watched the TV Show Lost, you'd know it's about a group of survivors on a deserted island. Now, Lost has always focused on the characters, and that's where the interesting part of the project comes in.

YOU make the story.

That's right: Similar to Choose Your Own Adventure, you will be asked a series of questions. These questions will be asked in chat PMs, and with the underedit rule removed, it's easy for anyone to join. Your answers will not only affect what happens to you, it will affect the overall story, and even other people's stories. For example: User A is asked "Who would you have as a partner" He responds "User B" I then ask User B, "Do you work well with others?" He says, "No." In the comic, users A and B will become a team, but they won't get along well.

Here's who we have so far: CariconCommander: Claws the Tiger | Time Biter: Ginger Link
|MintsyWinterBlue: Spark the Cat | JokerJay799: Jack the Cat | Mariosonic15: Omar the Lynx
SpyroSonic2000: Soul | Xano2323: Nocturne Dercurion | Toxice: Fabulous E-123 Omega | Sandra: Sandra
ModrenSonic: Laharl | Sacorguy79: Robotnik | SplashTheHedgehog: Leaf | Bullet Francisco: Rarity | SonicTheHedgehogDude/Mabelforcer: Mabel with...CBS logo..... | MetalMickey272: Winnie the Pooh | Exodvs: Jake the Hedgehog | Ultimate Silver Fan: Silver | Megaphantaze: Blaze | Psyche the Hedgehog 1997: Psyche the Hedgehog | Loudclaw: Jack Augustine | Shadowunleashed13: Zazz of the Deadly Six | Uhohspaghhetiohs: Turbo | Jay's cousin: James the Wolf | Edsta: LoZ:II Link | Blue Speeder: Shard | Pac: Shrek | Maxwel Cohen: Kirby | Doomslicer: Axel | Pianoteen: Dawn| Zion: James Hedgefox | The Shadow of Darkness: Batman.

When are the deadlines for sign-ups? There are none! SNN Lost is real-time, so if you sign up late, you just come in later in the series. I hope you guys join, 'cause I think, if this take off, it'll be really fun!