OK. So I was thinking, "I want to live my own comic life! With all these responsibilities and deadlines, Im just so stressed! When I finaly finish a comic issue, I have to do another comic." So I decided. I'm gonna make a comic tutorial! Here we go!


  • You need an application where you can paste things on and put images on images and such. For this tutorial, I'm gonna use Paintbrush.
  • Sprites. Look it up. Not hard.
  • Backgrounds. You should change the size if they are too small.


No that you have gone through the basics, it's time for you to start the comic. We're gonna use the Genesis backgrounds for the sake of convinience. If you copy and paste them right, it should look like this:Tutorial 1

That's really all there is to it. Now a real pain to some....


Sprites. The reason I'm so stressed. Now, you should go up to "File" in your app and click it. You'll see "new from clipboard". Click that, and this screen should show. Tutorial 2

Now you see that tool thing in the upper left corner? Notice the tool that's highlighted. That's what you need to use. Then, put a box around your sprite then press "copy", as illustrated in the next picture.Tutorial 3

There. Then, do this on your backgrounds, which is actually the comic itself. Paste.Tutorial 4

Then, once you paste, if the sprite still has a white background, you need to use the transparent tool, a tool that is on in the second picture above this one. If you've figured this out, you can do the sprites on your own.

Speech Bubbles

There are tons of styles. But, I'm gonna show you the common ones. But first, one thing: put the words in first, put the bubble around it so you know about the spacing, then put the words in.

Tutorial 5

The End!

I hope this helped you people, and I'm gonna talk to Thunder for a sec.... I've decided I'm quitting Thunder Time. Its been really stressful to have actual deadlines and such and I kinda wanna be a free spirit. No hard feelings right? And with that, I bid you SNN, happy spriting!